Make the Call!

There aren’t many people who love the dentist…maybe only the dentist’s spouse!  Even then, I’m sure they’d much prefer time with their love anywhere but in the dentist chair.  My husband is one of those people, and I don’t blame him.  He does go for regular check-ups, but tends to put off getting something taken care of if it’s not really bothering him.  

Last week, he began experiencing some jaw pain.  He thought it might be a result of sinus trouble, and lived with it.  Then late in the week, it became more uncomfortable, and he did the unthinkable – he called the dentist!  The hygienist agreed that it sounded like sinus trouble, but told him if it didn’t improve over the weekend to call back.  Monday morning found him doing the unthinkable again!  He called, asking if he could come in and see the dentist and let him take a look.

What makes a person call out for help?
Who sends it?  
Our loving God.

Would Dale have called and willingly put  himself in the dentist chair without the pain?  No.  Would we cry out for God’s help if  we’re able to smile and handle life on our own?  Probably not.  God knows that the difficulty we are facing –  a marriage struggle, a financial crisis, a job loss, a physical illness, all make us desperate enough to make a call.  Our “call” is upward, heavenward, to the God of our salvation.  We say, “Ouch! Lord, this is painful!  Help us!”  Our loving Savior is always on call, always has an opening for us, always has an ear to hear and time to listen.

Don’t ignore the pain.  Instead call out and receive the help that is available and sufficient for you today!

The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth,
and delivereth them out of all their troubles.
Psalm 34:17

The dentist couldn’t get my husband in until later this afternoon.  Who knows?  It may be just sinus trouble, but whatever the outcome, I know he’ll be glad he had it checked out by the one who could help.  Your issue might not be serious either, but the sooner you call, the better of you’ll be, too!  Oh, and you won’t have to wait for your appointment!

With love,

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