Freshen Up Friday

 Yesterday I had a fresh date…with Lysol lemon cleaner.  =)  Baseboards, walls, and cabinets all got a good wipe down.  Floors were swept and mopped, and the bathrooms cleaned, but later in the day, I looked around and this is what I saw…

Not dirt, just “stuff.”  Things that needed to be picked up and put in their rightful spot.  I took 15 mintues and whizzed around doing just that.

The result:

Sometimes your house can be clean, but have areas of clutter that can keep the nice clean home from shining through!  Why not snap a picture from your phone of your kitchen counters, your desk or the sink?  For some reason, seeing it in a picture magnifies the clutter!  Then take 15 minutes and put things away.  Clean that pile of mail off the counter, empty the dish drainer and straighten up your desktop.  I try to do that each night before I go to bed.  When you can get up in the morning to a house that is not only clean, but also mess-free, you’ll be less tempted to pull the covers back over your head!  Freshen up your home and you’ll refresh yourself!

Be refreshed,

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