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A Peek into My Life This Week

Seven years ago was when I learned about Apples Of Gold Nurturing Ministry.  I was “gung-ho” and ready to begin it from the moment I learned about it!  But the timing wasn’t right.  There were many needs God had to provide to make it happen. Waiting for the Lord to bring to pass a burden on your heart is far better than pushing and making it happen yourself!

Yesterday began our first Apples Of Gold class and we had a FANTASTIC time together.  As I opened our time in prayer, I couldn’t help but weep, remembering how I’d prayed for this.  My heart was overflowing with joy.

All the mentors were at my house early to pray together and get in their places.  One was at the door, one was at the sink for clean-up duty, and one was ready to greet the younger women when they got into the kitchen.

click on the picture to enlarge

1.  I can’t tell you the joy it was to my heart to have those women surround the counter as we chatted and cooked. We shared our tips and secrets for meal-planning, knife sharpening, scone-making, pineapple cutting, and on and on for an hour.

2.  The two ladies standing were two of the mentors who were at my elbow, whisking my dirty prep dishes away, handing me things I needed for the recipe and checking on food that was cooking.  Talk about a blessing!  They were such a huge help!

3.  This lady was on dish-washing duty.  What a worker!

4.  The other mentor taught our lesson on kindness.  The teacher in her jumped out and lovingly lead the ladies through the Scriptures and encouraged them in displaying kindness to a world that needs the Savior.

I have a bunch more pictures from the day, but I just wanted to highlight our time together.  If you’re not involved in mentoring a younger woman, perhaps it’s something the Lord will tug at your heart about as He did mine seven years ago.  What a blessing to serve the Lord as we serve these sweet young women!  Ask the Lord how you could get involved in a younger woman’s life and see what He will do!

Would you mind to answer two questions for me today?  
1.  Have you ever been mentored?
2.  What hinders you from mentoring a younger woman?

With love from my country porch,

9 thoughts on “A Peek From My Porch

  1. I loved every moment if going through mentoring. It has truly helped me become a better me, wife, and momma. I still have a ways to go but having a mentor to guide me has been helpful as I maneuver through this jouney… my whole family and generations to come are benefiting from me being mentored. Oh how my generation needs more seasoned-in-life-experiences women to take us under their wings and train us! Can I encourage you seasoned ladies reading this to pray about mentoring a younger woman? It really does make a tremendous impact.

    Love to see you ladies doing this!


  2. Until about 6 weeks ago, I had never been mentored. Oh, what a difference mentoring can make in someone's life! God sent me the perfect mentor. She is a wonderful example of a godly woman, wife, mother, and friend. As a result of the time that she has spent mentoring me, I have grown spiritually and every aspect of my life has changed for the better including my home, my marriage, my devotional and prayer time, and my relationship with my kids. If you are a mentor to someone, know that you are making a difference that will last for all of eternity. Thank you to everyone who has a heart for mentoring other women and thank you especially to the dear friend who is mentoring me! 🙂


  3. FYI…that perfect mentor I was speaking of is Denise! The ladies of Apples of Gold are so blessed to have Denise leading this ministry! She and the other mentors will be a wonderful blessing to everyone who is being mentored!


  4. Thank you, Kellie. The truth is, you try to be a blessing to someone else, and end up receiving an even greater one! What joy to see the changes God has brought about!


  5. This class looks like such a blessing! What a difference it will make for the young ladies (and probably the mentors, too)! I wish I could be part of something like this. God bless your effort as you pour yourselves out to build others up.


  6. Come join ours, Stef! =) I'd love that! We are having such a great time together. Maybe you could stir up some interest in your church? The sad truth is that there are usually more young women that desire to BE mentored, than there are older women to do the mentoring. I'll be praying with you!


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