Freshen Up Friday

One of the (many) great things about summertime is the fresh produce!  One of my favorite fruits is Watermelon.  Juicy.  Red. Sweet.  Cold.  Salty (I add just a touch).  You can’t beat it on a hot day.  BUT it’s so discouraging to have high hopes of a delicious watermelon and get it home and find out it’s sorry tasting!

This melon with the white/yellowish ring is what you’re looking for.

I read recently how to ensure that your watermelon will be delicious.  There are only two easy tips.  Ready?

  1. Pick a melon that is heavy for its size.  This means that it has lots of water in it.
  2. Pick a melon that has a white or yellow ring where it was attached to the vine.  This means that it was ripe when it was picked.  If had been picked too soon, it won’t have any of the qualities you’re looking for such as sweetness and color.  
I have purchased two watermelons since reading that, and so far, I’ve had 100% success!  

This picture’s color is unedited.  It was so sweet and delicious!

During the hot days of summer, not much will refresh you like a slice (or two) of a perfect melon.  Now you know how to find which one to bring home!

Stay refreshed in the Word this weekend.  Prepare your heart before going to church.  Be ready to hear from the Lord when the teacher teaches and the preacher preaches!

Stay refreshed,

2 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. I was just saying how I saw this on fb once but couldn't remember what it said about how to pick the perfect watermelon. I am headed out to buy one for tonight so this was perfect timing!!!!! Thank you for posting! 🙂


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