A Long Drink

We are in the desert this week ~ Lancaster, California to be exact.  I look out my window and see mountains, but they are not the lush, green kind at home in the Smokey Mountains.  They are brown and dry.  Everything looks thirsty in the 100+ degree temperatures.  The rose bushes outside the church we attended Sunday had no mulch surrounding them – only dry, sandy dirt.  They look thirsty.  The flat land sprawling on the sides of the interstate boast only of desert plants like cactus and tumbleweed.  They look thirsty.

We are here attending a conference because we, too, are thirsty.  Oh, we don’t have sand in our shoes or parched lips, but our very souls are longing for a long, cool drink of Living Water from the Word of God.  I am so very thankful that because Christ is our High Priest, and we are each believer priests,  you and I can get fresh water from God’s Word every single day. But there are times that we need a longer, more concentrated time of refreshment.  It’s for that reason that your pastor holds revival meetings, urges you to attend conferences, or camps.  He knows you need to stand and fill up your reservoir! It’s at times like this that we get recharged, encouraged, inspired and challenged. 

Are you taking advantage of times of long refreshment in God’s Word?  If you’re contemplating attending a revival meeting, a conference or camp, think of the desert plants and see yourself just as needy for the Living Water.  Then GO!

“Long drinks” will sustain you during the dry desert days that could be ahead.

Who’s attending a conference, camp or revival this  summer where you’ll be given a fresh drink?  I’d love to hear where you’re going or what you’re doing!

With love,

3 thoughts on “A Long Drink

  1. I am attending the Wilds as a sponsor this year when we take some boys from our Trail Life USA troop, so I am looking forward to some refreshment while I'm there. I can't think of a better place to go for spiritual refreshment! Then we will go to the Wilds again as a family over Labor Day weekend. I am very much looking forward to those trips this summer!


  2. I love being a sponsor at TW! What a blessing to drink in the refreshment there, but also pray for your campers and the staff. It's been too long since I've gotten to do that! I'm excited about your Labor Day camp, too. I know it will be great!


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