Unplug for Summer!

I have a confession:  I have a pet peeve – it’s children + electronics.  Call me old fashioned, a stick-in-the-mud or a fuddy-duddy.  It’s okay.  I still don’t like children and electronics.  When you put an electronic device in a child’s hands, their minds are disengaged.  Checked out.  They hear nothing around them.  They see no one around them.  They are in Cyberspace until the beeping of a low battery signals them back to earth.

It’s summertime, moms!  Can I encourage you to get your kids outside and on the move?  Give them some fun activity to do every day while they’re on break and put a “no-electronics” rule in place.  How about sitting down with them and making a list of fun things they’d enjoy doing?  Then cut those into strips and drop them into a jar.  Let someone choose out one activity each day.  Let the anticipation build.  Make summertime fun! Why not unplug for summer?  Need some suggestions?

  • If you have a large tree at your house, hang a tree swing in the branches.
  • Build a fort outside under a tree.
  • Go to the park and play on the playground equipment.  Eat lunch there.
  • Go to the library and everyone pick out 5 books to read this week.
  • Attend a Bible club or VBS.
  • Make Popsicles with fruit juice. 
  • Play in the sprinkler.
  • Fill up a small swimming pool in the backyard.  
  • Have a lemonade stand and give away cups to people who pass.
  • Go to the local Hands-on-Museum.
  • Have a play date with other moms and their children.
  • Bake cookies.
  • Wash your bikes.  Add streamers to handlebars.  Have a bike parade.
Here are other great lists of things to do.  Of course Pinterest is full of good suggestions, too.  The point is, someone has to plan, and that someone is you, Mom.  Don’t let the summer slip by with everyone plopped in front of the television or behind an iPad screen.  Make good use of these months to create wonderful memories of fun times as a family!

What activities have you planned for your children this summer?  

With love,

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