Will God Answer My Prayers If My Faith is Weak?

My God has done some incredible things in my life in answer to prayer.  He has:

  • brought people under conviction and turned their hearts towards salvation!
  • given me opportunities to share the Gospel and lead people to Christ!
  • graced my life with a godly husband and given us three daughters!
  • salvaged marriages!
  • returned health to sick ones!
  • restored relationships and brought beauty from ashes
  • kept family and friends safe in dangerous scenarios!
  • provided daily needs in miraculous ways!
  • supplied monies for our girls to graduate from homeschool, and then college debt-free!
  • blessed us with funds for The Wilds camps for family camps, junior camps and teen camps!
  • given me the house of my dreams!
  • allowed ministry opportunities to happen for which I was burdened!
I could go on and on and on!  Again, please remember that all those things happened, not by our efforts, but by the Lord answering my prayers!  Is it because I’m special?  No, I simply believe He is able!
When I’m faced with a difficult situation, all I have to do is look in my rear view mirror at all the things God has done, and I bolt upright, ready to watch Him do it again!  How could I doubt?  First, I have His Word that He answers exceeding, abundantly above all we ask or think.  Then, I’ve witnessed that very truth over and over again.  Could I question whether He’ll really answer me this time?  Should I wrestle and worry if this will be cared for by my loving Savior?  NO!
It amazes me when believers doubt if God will come through for them!  REALLY?  What an insult to our God!  I had someone ask me, “Do you think God will still do things a person needs if they don’t trust Him for it?”  Let’s see what God’s Word says – 
 Matthew 15:38 
And he did not many mighty works there 
because of their unbelief.

Based on that verse, my answer is, NO, I don’t believe that God will do the amazing things He would do if we’d have trusted and believed Him.  He may answer, but it’s not going to be the amazing thing/way He wanted to do.  It’s not because He doesn’t want to – it’s because we don’t believe!  Do you know this song?

If the world from you withhold of its silver and its gold,
And you have to get along with meager fare,
Just remember, in His Word, how He feeds the little bird—
Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there.
Leave it there, leave it there,
Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there;
If you trust and never doubt, He will surely bring you out—
Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there.

What are you wondering if God will do for you?  Pray. If you’re praying about something that isn’t God’s will, He’ll show you and you’ll change your request.  Then Believe.  Don’t doubt.  Lastly, sit back and see what your God will do!

What are you praying about today?  Leave it with the Lord.

With love,

6 thoughts on “Will God Answer My Prayers If My Faith is Weak?

  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! As I was reading your post, the words from the hymn came to mind, “Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him; how I proved Him o'er and o'er!” As we have made some major decisions by faith, I am learning to trust Him more than ever, and I am seeing Him work in many areas. When I'm tempted to doubt God, I often think of what the Bible says of Job when it describes him as never charging God foolishly in all that he was going through. I just finished reading an amazing book called “How I Know God Answers Prayer” by the missionary Rosalind Goforth. This book has challenged me spiritually in many ways. It was a blessing to read of her life and challenges one hundred years ago and how similar her internal struggles were to mine. It taught me a lot about resting in the Lord and trusting Him from day to day and taking all of my needs to him in prayer. Denise, you are such a blessing to me. I read your blog every day. It's been almost a year since we went to the Wilds Family Camp, and the Lord used you and your husband so much to help our family grow. I owe you another e-mail update soon 🙂

    Love, Karen E.


  2. Karen,
    God is so good. As God encouraged you with this post, He used you to introduce to me the missionary you mentioned, Rosalind Goforth. I've been looking for a missionary story to study, and have asked the Lord for one! Thanks for the good recommendation! I look forward to digging into her life! Praying for you!


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