Freshen Up Friday

Ever see a Southern Living Magazine or Better Homes and Gardens picture of a bedroom with a  beautifully made bed that made you just want to dive in?  Maybe one like…
Perfect style for a couples bedroom! For me its the perfect mix of Glam and Comfort!
What makes them so inviting and cozy?  I think there are a couple of secrets that we can copy!
First, iron the top 1/3 of the top sheet.  No one will see the rest of it, but if the top 1/3 is wrinkled and crumpled, it won’t look nearly so pretty.  Fold the sheet in half width wise.  Iron each side.  
See the difference in the part that is ironed?
Another secret to a cozy bed is layering.  If this bedspread below was just left flat, it wouldn’t look very pretty, but folding down the top 1/4 of it will give another layer of comfort.
Here are more stops of layering…
1.  Fold down the top of the comforter or spread.  
2.  Add several sleeping pillows.
3.  Add decorative pillows in layers.
Making the bed correctly is another secret to making it beautiful.  
A little demo in making the bed so the “slip” doesn’t show.  =)

Freshen up your bed by making it cozy with layers of comfort.  You might not be able to resist going to bed early tonight!

See you in church!

Stay refreshed,

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