Sensory Memories

I turned on Pandora Radio on my computer while I was doing housework.  A familiar sounding song began playing, and then all of the sudden the recognition of it enveloped me – Somewhere My Love!  Immediately, I was taken back to my childhood when my sister’s alarm clock played that song so beautifully.  I loved hearing it play.  It was soothing and comforting.  Suddenly, I could remember my childhood home, and feel the warmth and love I found there.  Music will do that.


Yesterday Whitney posted about a Pumpkin Muffin recipe that I made while she was growing up.  She recently made the recipe, and while enjoying the baked good was “transported back (to) the kitchen table, laughing and talking with my family.”  Food will do that.

The smell of a candle awakens a memory of a place.  A perfume scent recalls a person.  In short, our senses remember things.  Because of that, we should use that in a favorable way to create memories for our families.  May I suggest a few ways?

  • Play the same few CD’s for several months at dinnertime.  Or play a certain CD during a particular season each year.  Playing music at mealtime is helpful in keeping the atmosphere calm and quiet, but it also creates an audio memory.
  • Have seasonal foods that are your signature recipes.  For instance, make a pumpkin bar in the fall, your famous sugar cookies at Christmas, Lemon meringue pie in spring and blueberry muffins in summer.  Those tastes and the smells of those baked goods will bring back memories of mealtimes at home.
  • Burn candles in your home, or use potpourri scents to fragrance your home.  It will freshen your house and create a memory of the smell home.
God gave us our senses and they can be used to create a homey atmosphere that will bring back times from the past.  Let’s be wise and use it in a positive way!

What sensory stirs up memories of your childhood?

With love,

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