From Simplicity to Elegance

Is there a married couple that you watch and admire?  I have had my eye on a couple…for a very long time.  They have been fun to watch because their marriage is what I would call an “Elegant Marriage.”  It’s not because they eat with gold-plated silverware or live in a mansion.  It’s the relationship and they way they respond to each other that makes their marriage elegant.

What is an elegant marriage, anyway?  Jon Franklin said,

Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance.

Therefore, if you take any normal activity you’d do and “carry it to the extreme,” it makes it elegant. For a husband and a wife that would include ~

A “glamorous” picnic

  • Having dinner ~ Carried to an extreme~ Sitting at the table, candles, or centerpiece, music playing, plates served up nicely.
  • Talking ~ Carried to an extreme ~ Making a special sitting area in your bedroom, front porch, or backyard where the just the two of you (no children sitting between you) sit and talk, take cups off coffee with you, snuggle.
  • Sleeping ~ Carried to an extreme ~ Make your bedroom a refuge, rather than the work place, Wear something pretty rather than comfortable.  Make sure your sheets are soft, blankets aren’t pilled and pillows are fluffy.  Make the bed inviting.  Read a book together before turning the lights out.  Give a back rub.  Play soothing music.  Cuddle.  Hold hands and pray before sleeping.
  • Going on a picnic ~ Carried to an extreme ~ Take a pretty tablecloth and a centerpiece. Make homemade soup and place in Mason jars, homemade cookies and a thermos of milk or coffee. Play Pandora music on your phone.  Sit on the same side of the table.  

Think about the simple things that you do each day – errands you run together, chores you share, car rides, etc.  Pray about how you can take it to the extreme to turn your marriage into elegance!  It will add the sparkle to your relationship that might be lacking!

Oh, and the couple I’ve watched who have an elegant marriage?  It’s my parents – married close to 60 years, and they still do things to make their relationship special!  What a blessed heritage I have!

With love,

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