Time For Us

Yesterday we left the work that was calling for our attention and headed towards the mountains.  Rains are promised this week, and we wanted desperately to drive through the colored majesty of the higher elevation.  It was glorious.  No camera will picture what we viewed with our eyes.  It will attempt, but it will not do it justice.  It was majestic and awesome because it was painted with the brush strokes of our Creator.

Photo un-edited!

I enjoyed the beauty of the drive, but to me the best part was being together and alone for a few hours with the man who owns my heart.  Life and ministry can be so demanding, and it’s very easy to let that run our days, weeks and months without taking time to slow down for just a little while and “be.”  We can both so easily run on our own single track of busyness, to-do lists and other people, that we have to determine to make time to be a couple.  We need the opportunity to be together.  To be “us” instead of  “me.”

Slowing down for time for an “Us-ie”!  =)

 We enjoyed a shared lunch at a little bakery in a small town we love.  We listened to bluegrass music in the car.  We laughed and talked and held hands and enjoyed time as a couple as we meandered across the mountain roads.  We came home refreshed in our bodies, our hearts, and our relationship.  And though I’m writing this post later than I normally would because we were away most of the day, it’s okay because the knitting of our hearts makes everything better.

Do you need to schedule an “us” day for you and your husband?  Write it into the calendar for a day in the near future.  It probably won’t just “happen” on its own.  Plan it.  Then you’ll have something to look forward to during the crazy days.  Your marriage is worth that effort it will take to make it happen!

“There is no more lovely, friendly or charming relationship, communion or company, than a good marriage.” 
 ~ Martin Luther

How do you plan for time together with your spouse?

With love,

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