Interrupted Hospitality

Open the New Testament and read about Jesus and you will find that He spent His days (after prayer with His Father) with people.  He was always with someone.  I can’t think of a time (again, except for His times of prayer and temptation in the wilderness) that He was doing something alone.  He invited others to join Him.  He invited Himself to people’s homes and lives!  How else could He share the Gospel with them if He didn’t spend time with them?

How will you and I be able to share the Gospel and Christ’s love unless we, too, are hospitable?  Oh we love entertainment, but hospitality?  That’s much harder.  Entertainment is about things.  Hospitality is about the heart.  Our heart must be open, which then opens our front door.

Hospitality is seldom convenient!  It is usually always an interruption.

There are ways that we can be prepared for interrupted hospitality. Consider:

1. Stock up your freezer:
Cookies, cakes, icings, pie crusts, waffles, pancakes, breads, soups, stock, Puff Pastry, ice cream

2. Stock your pantry:
Pasta, pasta sauce, crackers, pretzels, brownie mix, (You can make your own, too), canned pie fillings, caramel or chocolate sauce, coffee, tea
Replace items after using them!
You don’t have to have all these things – choose several components to have on hand.

3. Remember hospitality is to bless, not impress!  
Put your guests at ease by:
a. letting them help.
b. Make it buffet so they serve themselves
c. Think more about them than yourself or your home. Don’t apologize for the dust bunnies!

4. Maintain your home each day so it’s presentable – not perfect.  None of your guests live in perfect homes either!  Make it a habit to keep the living room and guest bath clean.

5. Be spontaneous.  If the Lord puts someone on your heart, invite them home – or go to their house with a pot of coffee and pan of brownies.
a. After church Sunday night soup and sandwiches, or cheese dip and tortilla chips
b. Roast marshmallows on the fire pit or grill
c. Movie (or game) and popcorn night – Watch Fireproof or Courageous
d. Decorate Christmas cookies – or do Cookie exchange
e. Dessert and coffee

Will you be ready for hospitality that interrupts your messy little life?  Open your heart and let others in so you might share the Gospel.  It’s an interruption that will bless you and those you welcome in!

What is the one thing you would keep on hand so you can entertain easier?

With love,

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