A Peek From My Porch

A Peek Into My Life This Week

I have been hard at work preparing for a trip to Spain (less than two weeks away!).  My husband and I have the blessing of being the speakers for a Mission Teen Retreat in northern Spain.  There will be just under 30 teens there from all over Europe who are children of missionaries.  They are coming apart to be challenged and encouraged in the Word of God.  We are excited about going, about meeting these young people and pouring our lives into them for a week!

I get the blessing of sharing a missionary story to the group for four nights.  I chose to share about the life of Rosalind Goforth.  I have been studying her and her story for a couple of months now and have been trying to condense it into a shorter story for four nights.  What a blessing that has been!  I would so encourage you to read anything you can about her and her husband, Jonathan.  They were in China beginning in the late 1800’s.  I have received a huge blessing from this study of her life.  She was far from a perfect Christian and struggled with many besetting sins (sounds like our lives, doesn’t it?!), yet God used her in incredible ways.  That encourages my  heart!
In between all the study and prep, I took a little break the other day to do a little necessary crafting.  I offered to help my daughter, who is hosting Thanksgiving, to do her place cards for her.  She sent me an idea of what she’d like to have and then I went from there.  She’s going to tie the ribbon around the cloth napkins and have the card rest on the napkin.  Then the back will be the place for which the guests will write their thankfulness list.  
Place Cards
These were her inspiration.
 Here’s what I created…
Then I crafted a card for a friend. 
 I love making my own cards because then it says exactly what is in my heart!
Another day this week, I took time to update my chalkboard.
It’s so much fun to change it each season!
And isn’t this verse soooo true?!  God is so good to each of us!

What blessings are flowing out of your cup today?  You’re one of mine!  Thanks for stopping by to read!

Have a cup of something hot and yummy and count your blessings!

With love from my country porch,

4 thoughts on “A Peek From My Porch

  1. You gave me the chance to have a little creative outlet. I always love that! Thanks for the sweet comment on my chalkboard. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have that to draw on…maybe mark up the walls! =/


  2. The chalkboard does look amazing!

    I am glad you got the chance to study the life of Rosalind Goforth. I was encouraged when I read her story just as you were – that she struggled and had to learn much about resting in the Lord, but continued to grow in Him even as she grew older – and then to see how God blessed and used her and answered her prayers. We will be praying for you as you prepare for your trip that the Lord would greatly use you and your husband as well.
    Love, Karen E.


  3. Thanks for the sweet comment about the chalkboard…it's so much fun for me!

    Thank you for the great recommendation, Karen. God used you to help equip me! What a blessing!


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