Freshen Up Friday


For several years now I’ve gotten the adorable Susan Branch Calendars to hang in my house.  This one was in my laundry room.  They’re so pretty and inspiring!  She gives recipes, suggestions of things to do that month and even decorating ideas.  When the year ends I always HATE throwing those pretty pictures in the trash.  But aside from framing them (and I have nowhere to hang them) I didn’t know what to do with them.

Last week when I took my old Susan Branch calendar down, I saw my little magnetic board sitting on my counter (see instructions to make one here) and suddenly I had an idea!  I cut the January page so that it would fit my frame, and I put it over the metal sheeting.  Now every month I can replace the picture and have a seasonal background for my cute magnetic board!  I Love it!
See my cute little marble magnets on the board?  We made those at our last Pinterest party at church.  They were so easy.  You can find the instructions here.

So, freshen up that old calendar picture or any other picture you love by attaching it to a piece of metal sheeting and create an adorable magnetic board you can change out each month!

Be sure to be faithful to church Sunday.  It’s the best way to refresh yourself!

Stay refreshed!

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