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Freshen Up Friday

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What’s the biggest difference between the way your house looks and one of those lovely rooms in your favorite decor magazine?  It’s really not the size of the house, its value or the finishes of the walls and floor; it’s really about the details you use to decorate.

What is currently sitting on your kitchen counter?  How about the coffee table?  The side table in your bedroom?  Those are the details that can take a room from ordinary to lovely!

In the kitchen:   I had recently been given a few (delicious) cupcakes from a friend and they were so pretty!  Rather than leave them in the covered container in which they were delivered, I set them on a cake plate, then covered them with a glass dome and displayed them on the counter.  They became a lovely focal point of the kitchen (until dessert time, of course)!

20150131_163604_resized (1)b

The February Susan Branch calendar picture that I’d saved from last year is the new backdrop for my magnetic board.  It also adds some height to that long island.

20150131_163604_resized (1)cThe runner underneath adds another layer and brings warmth to the kitchen area – a place full of hard surfaces.  I also love adding bowls of fresh fruit or vegetables out in the kitchen, too.  Using pretty food as decor in the kitchen just makes sense, doesn’t it?  It makes your kitchen inviting to those that would enter.

20150131_163604_resized (1)d

My kitchen table …


Here are some other kitchens that I love…

Notice the lazy Susan in the middle of the table below.  Love that!

Love the red check seat cushions, the greenery, and the lantern.
kitchens should be lived in. Love the open plan with kitchen island! So inviting!

From Country Living…

Notice the use of cookbooks as decor and the lovely lamps alongside the windows…

A French Provence Kitchen with a Franke farmhouse sink and two Fisher and Paykel dishwashers drawers. Limestone Versai patterned tile finished with vintage wall mounted sconces create an inviting kitchen.

The slipcovers on the chairs in this kitchen at a softness; also the napkins over the top of the chair.

Cherry Hill Cottage

I hope you’ve been inspired to refresh your kitchen with some little touches over the weekend!
Which of these kitchens do you love?

Be sure to refresh your heart by being in a Bible preaching church Sunday!


8E63C63AC0BC189BF1C68B03C74DBB5FP.S. Don’t forget to enter for the drawing for the $50 Target gift card by Saturday night!  The winner will be announced here on Monday!

6 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. I have to second that I think your kitchen is the best but also the last picture with the slip covers in the napkins I really like as well. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I like to use foods to decorate my kitchen too! When I receive a gift like a jar of honey or jam, it looks pretty displayed on the counter. A neat idea that I found is those mason jars of layered cookie or muffin or soup mixes – they look great as part of kitchen decor besides making great gifts.


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