Refreshment in marriage

Improve Your Marriage Today

32nd Anniversary to Whitestone 035a

Ever wish your marriage was better?  There are NONE that are perfect because we live in a fallen world.  He’s sinful, and so are you.  It is possible, however, to see that relationship improve with time as we obey Biblical commands.  Whether your marriage is Fantastic, So-so, or On-the-rocks, there are three things you can do to improve it today.

  1. Smile at him.  Instead of knitting your eyebrows together and frowning at him, smile! Not with gritted teeth, but a sweet, smile that remembers when you first fell in love.  Smile when he comes home.  Smile when you listen to him.  Smile when you look at him from across the room.
  2. Spend time alone with the Lord.  While there: A.) Talk to God about the things in your marriage that are troubling you.  B.)Meditate on Psalm 62:5 –  My soul, wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from Him. C.) Ask God to give you a greater love for your husband.
  3. Focus on changing yourself.  If you want to see a change in your marriage it has to start with you.  If we’re honest, we know things about ourselves that need to change (interrupting while he’s talking, correcting him, nagging, belittling, disrespectful speech, whining, complaining, etc.)  This is probably the hardest of these three things for me.  It’s sure easy to see my husband’s faults and not my own!  Maybe we need to put a bracelet on like I mentioned here to help us remember not to do that irritating thing.  Any time you catch yourself (or the Spirit of God convicts you!), move the bracelet.

Whatever you feed will grow.  Feed your thoughts about your mate with loving, prayerful thoughts, and the love will grow.

Will the improvement in your marriage be instantaneous?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Do it – not to see results happen, but to honor the Lord.  All three of the suggestions above are biblical.  You obey and leave the results to a God Who can do the impossible!

Which of these three is most difficult for you?

Refresh your marriage TODAY!


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