A Peek From My (Snowy) Porch


This snowy scene was my view yesterday, and perhaps yours, too.  It was a bit of a surprise!  They had predicted snow flurries, but we got four inches after most of the previous snowfall had melted the day before.  I love it, so I’m not complaining.  However, I am dreaming and planning a bit for spring, as I’m sure many others are.


As I rested inside all warm and toasty, I enjoyed looking through my new March issue of Southern Living Magazine.  I was delighted to see the articles about The Doors of Charleston.  There were gorgeous pictures of the houses in this historic South Carolina city, whose homes boast front doors of many hues.  This was one that caught my eye…

20150223_143822_resizedDo you know why?  Because last summer I painted my front door.
Maybe you saw this picture I’d posted…

20140911_151438_resized (1)

I went with an Apricot color, very similar to the Southern Living photo.  I LOVE it!  It sets the house off so nicely, rather than just blending in.

But I feel like the front door needs plants that will set it off.  So while the snow is blowing around me, I’m looking at the topiaries and flowers they added to the Charleston house and making notes for springtime purchases.


The Southern Living containers boast of petunias and calibrachoas in peach and orange, which echo the door’s lovely color.  I have made a note of this so when the snow melts and spring comes, I’ll be ready for the local nursery with list in hand!

MiniFamous™ Double Rose Chai Calibrachoa Annual Plant

So rather than pout while the winter weather stays around like an unwanted cold, why not do some planning for your yard and house?

  1. What could you do to improve your patio?
  2. Will you need new outdoor rugs?  What color?
  3. How’s the umbrella for your patio table?  Will you need to replace it?
  4. Do you need to add a nice fresh color and coat of paint to your front door?  You could even do that while you wait for the white, fluffy stuff to melt!

Some shopping on Amazon won’t even require you to get outside!

What are you dreaming and planning for as the snow flies?

With love from my country porch,




6 thoughts on “A Peek From My (Snowy) Porch

  1. I’m right there with you! I’ve been searching “easy to keep alive” flowers for around the house lately. I love those peach colored flowers!! I plan on sprucing up the drab porch with bright flowers spring! (Lets just hope I don’t kill them.)
    Thanks for the idea!


    1. I have a Mimosa plant that your Aunt Linda gave me. I would highly suggest that for an indoor plant that lives! When we moved to our house, it got a different kind of light and I was afraid it was dying. I got tired of trying to keep up with it so I stuck it in the garage so it would just die…but t didn’t! It’s now thriving beautifully in my guest room – spite its near tragic end!


  2. Love your front door Denise! I am planning to paint my front door this spring. As we live in a town house community, I want my door to stand out so I am comtemplating an apple green. I too enjoyed the March Southern Living article on front doors…great ideas.


  3. I’ve been by this house! I have a picture of the lion door knocker. I love the Charleston style! I love just strolling through the quiet neighborhoods taking pictures of different features.

    I’m looking forward to the work outside our house being completed this spring so I can get some decorating done. 🙂


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