A Broken Tooth

As juicy and delicious as Tootsie Roll Pops are, I haven’t had one in about twenty years.  My reason?  One day I was enjoying my favorite flavor (chocolate) and I had gotten past the hard sucker part and was enjoying the Tootsie Roll in the middle when I felt something give way in my mouth.  It was part of my tooth!  I literally got sick to my stomach.  Curious, my tongue felt the area of the strangeness and realized that I had just successfully pulled the crown off my tooth with the sticky candy.

I made an appointment at the dentist to have it repaired, but up until that time, that tooth was a source of much discomfort.  When I ate, I had to chew on the other side of my mouth since that back tooth was now useless.  I tried to keep any kind of food from floating to the broken tooth, to avoid any more decay or trouble.  I totally overused the other teeth, just trying to avoid the one that was out of commission.  I was so relieved after it got repaired and I could use it once again!  However, my personal rule is –  NO MORE TOOTSIE ROLL POPS!

When I recently read Proverbs 25:19, I was made to think back to my injured tooth incident.  The verse reads,

Confidence in an unfaithful man (or woman) is like a broken tooth…


  • An unfaithful woman brings discomfort to others because she can’t be counted on.  Things that should be done are left lacking, causing difficulty for everyone else.
  • An unfaithful woman can’t be used.  She’s not trustworthy.  She’s not ready.
  • An unfaithful woman is avoided.  Why call and ask her to serve in a ministry or lead this or help with that…it’s better to find someone else.  She’s made a name for herself.

But, like my tooth, an unfaithful woman can be “fixed!”  Simply by seeing her sin of unfaithfulness, and confessing that to the Lord, God can equip and use her once again.  Her life can be steady and sure, bringing eternal rewards One day at the Bema Seat!

I’m proud to say, that I know a woman who is NOT a broken tooth, but a faithful, solid trustworthy servant of the Lord.  We just recently honored her at church; her name is Reva.  She has served in our church nursery for over 45 years!  You could count on her to be there!  You could be sure she would let someone know if she was going to be out due to sickness or vacation.  You could trust her to be a loving worker and doting on those babies.  You could bank on her week in and week out!

She is moving away, and she will be missed greatly at Boones Creek Bible Church, but I know that wherever she attends church, she will carry her faithfulness with her!  We love you, Reva!  May your tribe of faithful women increase!!!

Are you considered faithful, or more like a broken tooth?  It’s a question we all need to ask ourselves and our Savior.

With love,


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