Freshen up Friday


We all tend to drive so hard all week long. Work, children, laundry, meals, cleaning house, running to ballgames,  practices, lessons and appointments wear us down and out. Do something today just because you love it. Work on a craft, read a book that will make you sigh, watch a show that will make you laugh. Do something (or nothing!) just for the pleasure of it!  Do something not out of necessity or duty – just enjoyment. Watch how it will Refresh your spirit!

What will that “something” be for you?

Stay refreshed,


7 thoughts on “Freshen up Friday

  1. My husband and I will be heading to Georgia to see my 84 year old mother. She is still in good health and lives on her on so that is a blessing. It is always refreshing to see the mountains that surround my homeplace.


  2. My children look forward to Friday homeschool because on Fridays we always watch an Andy Griffith episode during our lunch. They enjoy having a little break, and of course they enjoy the humor, and it’s a little breather for me as well. Today’s episode was about the time Goober grew a beard and all of a sudden thought he knew everything. The idea to watch an episode during Friday’s lunch might have come from your blog–I don’t remember! But we enjoy it.

    Then tonight my husband said he would stay with the children while I take a little while to go out. We’ve been quite busy lately plus he was gone for eight days on a missions trip while I was home with the children. So he graciously offered to give me a little time alone. I like to go out sometimes and find somewhere to sit and read my Bible and pray and think!

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Love, Karen


    1. Yes, that was our tradition, too, Karen! A little comic relief is good for the heart! Hurrah for a hubby who will watch the kids so you can go have some away! I always find I’m more ready to get back to my responsibilities after time alone. Hope you were refreshed!


  3. This simple post was such an encouragement to me. I didn’t have time to comment on it because my hubby and I headed out for an overnight getaway that very morning. It was so nice just to get away even for a few hours for a complete change of pace.

    But I wanted to thank you for the reminder that even doing something simple at home, like reading or working on a craft, can be a welcome and refreshing break. I tend to push so hard on all of my responsibilities that I forget to take a little “me” time. Several years ago when we were going through a very high-stress time of life, my hubby and I found that just getting away for a walk or hike, even if only an hour or two, helped energize us to carry on.


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