The Perfect Shell


My husband and I are vacationing at the beach this week (excuse me while I shout!) and I found myself doing what scores of other beach vacationers do – comb the shores for The Perfect Shell – or two, or fifty!

While I was filling my bag, I got to thinking about what makes shell collecting so irresistible.

1. Each shell is unique.
2. Each shell is beautiful with its shape, size and color.
3. Each shell has a special need to fill for decorating or crafting (can’t wait to show you the ideas I have for mine!).

For me to compare one shell to another would be injustice. They each have their own design and come from the hand of a Divine Creator. Are there any that are perfect? I don’t think so.

Maybe we like shelling because it reminds us a bit of how the Lord created us! We are each unique, we look different from one another, and each of us has a place to fill that only we could occupy. If we are tempted to compare ourselves with someone else we fail to see God’s perfect design.

Recently at the ladies’ retreat at The Wilds the speaker said, 

“The result of comparison will always end up with a sinful result; if we come up short, we fail to see God’s hand, if we come out ahead, we deal with pride.”

So stop comparing yourself to someone else or expecting perfection in your looks, abilities or accomplishments. Pick up the shell you found on your latest trip to the beach and remind yourself of your uniqueness!

Headed back out to the sand…

One thought on “The Perfect Shell

  1. You are blessed to be able to take this time away … but I know you know that. Praying you’ll come back refreshed!

    As I read your post concerning the perfect shell, I was reminded of years gone by when we were blessed to be able to go camping on Prince Edward Island numerous times. One of my daughters was obsessed with sea glass and ended up with quite a collection. I was thinking about the sea glass and how it starts out with sharp edges and sometimes not-too-pretty colors. But, after who-knows-how-long being battered about by the ocean waves and tossed on the rocks and sand, it ends up with smooth edges and beautiful, soft colors. Sort of reminds me of how God uses the waves and billows of life’s storms to polish us.

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