Rest During Motherhood


Yesterday after enjoying dinner at a quaint restaurant we stepped out into the garden area in the back and came upon the scene in the picture above.  Two little baby ducklings were waddling about, over the rocks, down the embankment and into the water.  They were continually on the move and right behind them was their momma, honking out her warning to us, the intruders.  She never let them out of her sight and was right on their heels as they investigated their surroundings.  It was so sweet to watch.  That Mommy duck was very busy!  She was constantly moving – trying to keep up with her little ones.  I wondered if she ever wanted to just sit on the edge of the pond and take a break!

My heart went out to Momma duck, and  my mind also went to the nature and roll of all mommies.  We protect, we oversee, we guide, we stand guard, just like that momma duck was doing.  God puts it in our hearts to want to provide that safety for our little ducklings, and if anyone or any situation could harm them, we’re ready to honk out a good warning.  .But let’s face it, weariness steps in.

We  keenly teach the safety of helmets for bike riding, the “left, right, left” method for learning to cross the street, holding scissors with the point in their hands, and refraining from talking to strangers.  We discipline, teach, and correct, as we follow our children all over their little pond.  It’s exhausting work being a mommy.

All moms get to the exhausted point from time to time, and the desire to sit at the water’s edge and just let those children “swim on their own” for a while is a huge temptation.  A mom may put the kids in front of the television for a while so she can rest.  She may send them to their room, or lock herself in a room where they can’t reach her for a while.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with a child learning to play on their own, or watch a limited amount of quality television, but there may be better ways to get a break from swimming after your ducklings.  May I suggest:

  • Get together with a few moms at a local park or a Chick-Fil-A play area and let them play with other children while all the mommy ducks visit and supervise.  Those moms that meet you there will be as needy of a time away and will be thankful you were willing to send out a Facebook request or email to ask them to join you!
  • Attend a story time at your local library.  Your children will be engaged in hearing a story and perhaps having an activity and you can sit back and enjoy a moment of secondary supervision!
  • Exchange baby sitting with a friend.  You keep her children one day and she keeps yours another day.  Go out alone.  Enjoy some coffee and a book,shopping for groceries, or getting your hair cut and styled.
  • Utlitze your church’s programs.  If you love your church enough to be there to grow as a believer, then you should be able to trust the workers with your children.  Send them to Sunday school, children’s church and VBS.  This is the BEST time for you to be able to worship and grow in services.
  • Pray about your husband giving you an hour or two away.  Approach him at the right time and ask when it would be a good time for him to sit with the kids while you get out.

Being a mommy is hard work that is non-stop, but unlike the mommy duck I watched, you can provide opportunities for refreshment and rest so you’ll be able to continue swimming with the ducklings!

Refresh yourself in the thick of motherhood!

With love,


3 thoughts on “Rest During Motherhood

  1. MOPs…Mothers of Preschoolers is also a good thing for busy moms of little ones. I am a mentor at our local group and we really enjoy our friendships. I remember those busy days when you would just like to hear an adult voice so this ministry is dear to my heart!

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    1. MOPS is an excellent program. Our church in Goodlettsville had that program for several years and we older ladies volunteered to keep their children while they had some fellowship time with like-minded Moms. Due to the cost of MOPS, our church moved to a similar program without the MOPS affiliation. During the MOPS affiliation, however, several new Moms eventually joined our church and brought their families with them.


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