Freshen Up Friday – Curling Iron Storage and Cleaning


When vacation time rolls around you’ll be packing your suitcase with all your daily needs. If you use a curling iron or straightener it can be a problem.  I don’t know about you, but it seems whenever it’s time to head out the door, my curling iron is still hot from use!  If I pop it into the suitcase it could ruin anything leather if it touches it!  Yikes! Even daily storage of a hot iron can present a problem if it hasn’t cooled sufficiently.

You could buy one of those cute little insulated bags to put it in, but the easier solution I’ve come up with is to take a sport sock and slide it over the hot iron part.  Now I can put it in my suitcase without worrying that it’s going to melt a shoe or my makeup bag.

Also, be sure to clean your curling iron or straightener regularly, so it will work at its potential.  A friend of mine who was a hair stylist told me the best way to clean them is to unplug the iron and use a cotton ball with a little rubbing alcohol on it.  The hair spray will come right off and make the iron look like new!

Any other curling iron or straightener tips from you readers?

Have a wonderful weekend!  Find your place in a church that preaches the Gospel from the Bible so you can be challenged and changed!

Stay refreshed,


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