What a Load!


Seated beside the window of an airplane gives full view of the progress of take off. As you sit and watch the crew load ALL that luggage onto the aircraft, then see the long line of people filing on to get their seat, have you ever wondered,

“How in the world will this plane ever get off the ground? This is a heavy load!”?

But then that engine revs up,  the plane picks up speed as it heads down the run way, and then you feel it…it is lifting up off the concrete.  Very soon the nose tips upward and you’re soaring into the clouds. How could you have doubted?

That load was lifted as easily as a paper airplane in a school classroom!

Do you have a load of your own that seems so heavy that you cannot let go of it, or that seems it could never be lifted into your heavenly Father’s hands? You saw those cares filing into your heart one at a time. You know how weighty each need is. You feel responsible to see each burden to be cared for, thought through and tended to, but you realize you do not have the power for this kind of work.

It’s at that moment that you must “rev up the engine” of prayer. Pour out your heart before God in earnest. Ask Him to lift all this that you are unable to carry, and then watch as He lifts, not just the burdens, but you as well. Then you will ask,

Why did I doubt Him?

He is able to lift it all, my friend.
Psalm 10:17 O Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their heart, you will incline Your ear.

Don’t carry the load you were never intended to carry!


10 thoughts on “What a Load!

  1. I always think that when I am flying Denise!! A good reminder for today. I was talking with my granddaughter this morning as we were in the car on the way to the library. We were discussing the children’s movie, Inside Out, that will be released on Friday and we hope to see it one afternoon next week. It is about emotions…joy, jealousy, anger, fear etc. Kendall shared that she thought Joy was her primary emotion. I was so glad to hear that as she has had some struggles in her young life.( divorce) I had to admit that I do not think fear is my primary emotion but it gets the better of me sometimes. Thanks for this timely reminder.


  2. Excellent post, Denise, and just what I needed today. Lots of heavy things going on right now. I know I cannot carry them myself, but they are sitting there on my shoulders regardless. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much for sharing it!


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