Living Out the Gospel In My Marriage

2014-11-27 02.24.29

When I came to Christ as a needy sinner, He received me.  He took me as I am – sinful and with nothing to offer.  In His grace, He gave to me what I did not deserve.  He forgave me.  He now calls me His own.  He will never refuse me, never reject me, never disown me.  I am His forever.  This is the Gospel, and for this I thank my God.

When I took my husband as my mate, because we have both received the Gospel,we are to reflect the Gospel principles in our marriage.  How can we demonstrate the Gospel in our marriage?  Consider:

  • We are to receive our spouse just as they are.  I recently heard someone say that when we get to heaven the Lord will not say to us wives, “You did such a great job changing the husband that I gave to you!”  The qualities that annoy us may be the very thing that we need to change us!
  •  We must not bargain to get what we want.  We must not say, “If you expect me to _____________, than you’d better do ____________. “
  • We must give of ourselves, our love, our bodies, our kindness, our efforts to our spouse, even if we don’t think they deserve it.  It’s called grace-giving.
  • We must forgive.  Because we’ve been given so much, we must also forgive our spouse.
  • We must never withhold our words, attention or love as punishment for what our spouse has done to us.  God never gives us a cold shoulder.
  • We must never entertain the thought of disowning our mate – IE, leaving or divorcing them.  This is a “Till death do we part” relationship. Don’t even speak the words as a threat.  God loves you eternally.  This is the pattern for us.

How are you doing at demonstrating the Gospel in your marriage? When the world looks at your relationship, do they see a reflection of the kind of love God has towards us? If not, what needs to change? There’s grace available for that!

With love,

4 thoughts on “Living Out the Gospel In My Marriage

  1. This is great advice for anyone who is thinking of marriage Denise. I have a friend who has been married 29 years and is still trying to change her husband. Let’s just say it is not a pretty sight. Marriage is hard work and yet such a great blessing! I am so thankful for my dear husband…I love him more every day.


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