Freshen up your Freezer with these Two Tips


I love baskets and have them everywhere in the house – the laundry room, closets, and pantry  to name a few places. Then a thought came to me when I was recently filling my freezer with meats that I got on sale…
imagewhy not add baskets to organize the freezer?! So I made a trip to The Dollar Tree and purchased four in eye-popping colors.

When I got them home, I filled one with beef, one with poultry and pork (Purple baskets). The other two have my frozen vegetables in one and frozen baked goods like my Make-Ahead Butterhorns in the other. Now when I need something I know exactly where to go to find it!


The other tip for my freezer is that I keep an inventory of what I have inside. Do you lose things in that frozen cavern?! If I don’t keep a list of what I have, it gets forgotten and frostbitten! I got my inventory from Home for Comfort’s site. If you have a freezer, you need to nab this great list! Thanks Whitney!

The freezer is supposed to be a helpful tool, so get it organized so it can do its job even better!

Have a great weekend! Stay refreshed in a bible believing church!


5 thoughts on “Freshen up your Freezer with these Two Tips

  1. Thanks for this idea, Denise. I too am an organizer – but my freezer is a mess and source of constant frustration. I have a chest-type freezer (given to us, so I am not going to complain about it!) and there has seemed no good way to organize so I can find stuff. I think this system would work in my type of freezer, too, so I am going to try it.


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