Overruled for Good!

It was Sunday morning and all the “normal” stuff was happening at our house. I had finished curling my hair and dressing and was headed down to get some breakfast then head out the door for prayer before the service. My husband had already kissed me and was headed to go on before me. A few minutes later I walked into kitchen and saw his suit coat hanging on the back of one of the kitchen chairs, revealing that he was still home. “Hmmm, that’s odd,” I thought.

Walking down the hall, I could hear unpleasant sounds coming from the half bath where he was losing whatever was on his stomach. I helped as much as I could, wiping his brow, holding his head, and then stopping to pray over his shoulder. He made his way on wobbly legs to the sofa, where he gingerly laid back and explained to me that his vertigo troubles had hit HARD.

The next couple of hours repeated our earlier positions and I could only pray for him and wonder why we were hindered from attending church. He had prepared to preach from Revelation 2 and was so excited about the message. He was eager to baptize the new converts and see another family join the church. Why this sickness? Why now?

He was finally able to slowly make his way upstairs and situate himself on the bed to rest. I took my Bible and went to one of the other bedrooms nearby where I could read and not disturb my patient. I opened to Proverbs 12 and began meditating on the passage. When I got to verse 21a my attention was halted. It reads:

There shall no evil happen to the just:

I knew it couldn’t mean that nothing bad or hard could happen to a believer – look at today. But what does this mean? I looked it up in a commentary and here’s what I found out – For the believer, even evil things have been allowed through God’s sovereign hands and He decrees that evil to happen, but then he overrules the evil and turns it into something good!  When we see it from that perspective, it won’t be evil at all! 

I had wondered if it was Satan hindering my husband from preaching the truth of Revelation. It made me scowl, but now in my mind I could just see my Righteous Judge hitting the gavel on the table of His justice and saying, “Overruled! I will see to it that this is for good!”

I heard of some wonderful things that happened at church yesterday as our son-in-law preached.

  • One young man visiting told us, “That message was EXACTLY what I needed to hear!” That is GOOD!
  • I got to spend that time on my knees praying for the preaching while it was going on. That is GOOD! 
  • While resting, we spent some time evaluating changes that need to be made so my husband will be rested and more refreshed for Sundays. That is GOOD!

My husband was feeling better Monday morning, and though we still don’t know exactly what the Lord was up to, we know that is was overruled for OUR GOOD!

What is going on in your life that seems to be evil? Listen for the gavel on the table and God’s words, “Overruled for good!” That will remove the scowl off your face and replace the joy in your heart!

With love,

8 thoughts on “Overruled for Good!

  1. Good and timely reminder for me too Denise. When our plans are disturbed, it seems frustrating at the time but in the end it works out to our good. Praying Pastor C is still doing better this week.


  2. And how perfectly this ties in to the Sunday school lesson we had… “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”
    I missed you both so much, but what a blessing this post is! Glad to hear Pastor is feeling better!


  3. How true this post is! When our son, Charles, was teaching in China, he got very ill and had to spend three months at home while recovering. He could not understand how this could happen as he had so many good relationships that needed to be encouraged. I reminded him that God does not NEED any of us to see that His Will is done. Charles did learn a lot from this experience…how to rest when his body was weary, how to trust God for relationships and how to depend on God’s perfect timing. And Yes even Mom and Dad learned a lot from this experience. Hoping your husband is feeling better and on the road to recovery!!


    1. I think it’s especially hard when you’re doing the work God has called you to do and then it gets hindered. But yes, God can get that work done without us, as you said. Good reminder!


  4. Denise, some of that good is so you could write about this experience in your blog and encourage someone like me. I am a fellow pastor’s wife and blog-writer who is a faithful reader of your blog, and we have been going through a very difficult time. My husband had knee replacement surgery which resulted in him being re-admitted to the hospital for four blood clots. Because of that, his recovery and return to the pulpit has been significantly delayed. This has followed some other trials such as some heart-wrenching problems in our church and having a house on the market that we desperately need to sell which hasn’t. It has seemed like there is nothing good happening. Your post is a reminder to me that God always intends it for greater good, and sometimes we need to look for that good because it isn’t easily apparent to us. Thanks!


    1. I’m so sorry for the trial you’re going through, Kathi. My husband had surgery last fall, so I understand a little about what you’re going through in that regard, too.
      It seems it’s often after time has passed that we can see what God was doing during our trial. I’ll be praying for you and your husband, both for strength and healing, but also to trust the Lord for the good He wants to do in your lives!


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