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Finishing Out the Summer Without Boredom!

wpid-wp-1438041996527Maybe summer vacation is over for you, but if your children are still out of school, why not make sure these last few weeks are full of fun?! Don’t let the boredom bug bite them (or you!). Keep things hopping and full of great activities while they can enjoy the beauty of summertime!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Don’t forget some of the good ol’ standby summer fun things. Such as:

  1. Hopscotch on the driveway
  2. Hula hoops
  3. Sprinkler or water hose jump rope
  4. Cardboard boxes – find a refrigerator box and let the kids make a playhouse or puppet stage.
  5. Make Popsicles
  6. Play hide and seek just as it’s getting dark. Use flashlights to tag!
  7. Don’t forget the library. There are so many fun things to do there!
  8. Wash bicycles in the driveway. Spruce them up with crepe paper and           streamers!
  9. Bowl in the driveway with water bottles as the pins.
  10. Make a fort outside.
  11. Put a blanket out under a shady tree and have lunch.
  12. Go to Sonic for half price beverages from 2-4! Take a book to read while sipping!
  13. Have a late night “pajama run” to get ice cream. After the children have just gotten into bed, go through the house calling, “Pajama run! Pajama run! Everyone in the car!” Go through the drive through at Dairy Queen or McDonald’s and enjoy a sweet treat while everyone’s (well, the kids) in their p.j.’s!
  14. Go out and catch fireflies after dark.
  15. Go to the Farmer’s market and buy fresh produce.

Here’s another post with ideas and links.

What great ideas could you add to this list?

Loving summer,

One thought on “Finishing Out the Summer Without Boredom!

  1. The library has been our big activity this year! And we have done lots of crafts. Living in a town house, we do not have much of a yard so the local park is another fun destination. School starts here on August 12th so we only have a few more weeks to go!! And I Loved Pajama Run…next time we are having an overnight, we will do this!!


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