Saving Magazine Articles With No Paper!

My sweet husband subscribed me to four magazines. I love flipping through their pages and being inspired by the decor, recipes and style. However, it doesn’t take many months before that wonderful media source becomes a pile of glossy pictures. I know that between their covers they have great content, but in their stacked condition all they’re doing is collecting dust!

A few months ago while looking through my Southern Living, I found so many great recipes to save, but didn’t want to cut the magazine and have to file all that paper. So, I came up with a plan to keep the recipes without having to save the magazine or clip the article from its binding. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Once I found an article or recipe I wanted to save, I picked up my Smart phone and Googled the magazine and the title. I found this…wpid-wp-1438290784880.png
  2. Then I clicked on the one that had the exact title I was reading and went to their site.
  3. Once there, I found the Pinterest Button and “pinned” it to the board where it fit and I could find it easily. For this Steak recipe I put it under, “Make for Dinner.”
  4. Done. I did this for any article – decorating, style or food that I wanted to keep. When I was finished, I could toss the magazine or share it with a friend.

I go through that process while I’m looking at the magazine. It saves time, paper and table space! No more piles! No more clipped articles waiting to be filed away! It’s my new way to look at and save my magazines!

Do you have piles of magazines, too? I hope you’ll set up a Pinterest account if you don’t have one already and simplify and refresh your life with this new “clipping” tool!

Stay refreshed,

2 thoughts on “Saving Magazine Articles With No Paper!

  1. I did this just a few weeks ago when I cleaned out my cabinet with all of my cookbooks! I had a lot of recipes I had cut out of magazines years ago & found as many as I could and pinned them! 🙂


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