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A Reminder of God’s Care

It was just a little piece of jewelry, but it meant so much to me. It was a hoop earring with small diamonds, given to me by my husband when I finished the home school education of our youngest daughter. It was sentimental and special to me and I cherished those earrings, and I wore them often. Then last week it happened – I went to take them off, and instead of finding one in each ear, I only found the one in my left ear.

I searched everywhere. The floor, the laundry, the washer and dryer. It was nowhere to be found.

During the time of my searching, I had been listening to a message on my phone about prayer. The preacher was talking about how every part of our lives matters to God. There is no part of my life that is mine and the rest God cares about. No! He is interested and caring about it all. In the midst of my hunt, I stopped to pray and acknowledge the presence and power of my living God in even this small detail of my life. But, still no earring.

I wondered if the Lord was teaching me other lessons – perhaps,that things don’t matter. Then about three days after it was lost, I was doing my morning routines of cleaning the bathroom and when I stooped over to clean the bathtub, I saw something shiny and small…MY EARRING!


I have no idea how it didn’t go down the drain earlier. I have no idea really how it got in the tub, but I do know that the Lord knew all along where it was, and I am sure He guided me to find it. I stopped then to thank Him and acknowledge His guidance and help in this detail that was important to me.

What a sweet reminder that He cares for every part of my life and yours! This was no coincidence, of that I am sure. I’m so thankful that I have a loving, wise heavenly Father to whom I can take my cares. I didn’t need this situation to know He cares – His Word tells me over and over again, and He proved it on Calvary, but how sweet these reminders are!

It makes me realize all the more that in every detail of my life, I must acknowledge God. How could I just move on as though He doesn’t exist? I need Him for the big things – decisions, provision, wisdom, courage to witness, and the little things – desires, remembering details, help for my daily routine as a homemaker, help with my meal prep; whatever is important to me. Nothing is too big, nor is anything too small that God is not interested.

What is on your heart today? Have you acknowledged the Lord in that area or need? Pray about it, then when He answers, be sure to give Him the credit due His wonderful Name, even for the little things!

With love,

6 thoughts on “A Reminder of God’s Care

  1. The Lord is so good to me~ Several years ago I lost a sentimental piece of jewelry, not expensive in cost but precious to me. I too, pled to my Father for direction as to where this necklace might be. It was months later that my husband was outside working on the lawnmower in the graveled driveway that he spotted something shiny. There it was, the necklace had weathered the many footprints that had stepped on it, the rain that could have washed it away, but instead it was perfect as before. I couldn’t imagine how the necklace was lost in this place but I praised the Lord with tears for it was found. God has given me so many “desires of my heart”, not because I deserve them, but because He loves me. The same holds true for our lost loved ones, He desires that all be “found”, not that even one sheep remain lost, all because of His love, mercy and grace. Thank you for sharing your story, it reminded me of how God blesses me again and again!


  2. Denise, when God does some “small” thing for me it encourages me to believe for bigger things. My heart is heavy this morning as my little grandson who is autistic is struggling with anxiety. I know God can help him and his parents…I just have to trust!! Your post was a good pep talk for me today.


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