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Time to Buy!

I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and noticed that all their Christmas merchandise is OUT!  Of course, if you’re a crafter you have to get started early!  But you know what else?  If you want to the “the good stuff” you have to shop early!  I saw these ornaments there that are really hard to find once the Holiday season rolls in.


These are great for putting a graduation tassel in and hanging on the tree.  What happens to everyone’s graduation tassels, anyway?  Most are probably buried in the bottom of a cedar chest.  If you had a recent graduate in your home, why not make them a special ornament, unless, of course, their tassel is hanging from their rear view mirror (ha!).  I’m showing my age!

There are other cute craft ornament ideas, like this…

Another cute christmas idea Cute babies first Christmas ornament Idea!

But you’ll need particular ornaments to make these, sooooo, this is your friendly reminder to head to Hobby Lobby, or your local craft store and pick up the items NOW that you need to make them. Bonus!  Hobby Lobby’s Christmas items are 40% off this week!

What will you be crafting for Christmas?

6 thoughts on “Time to Buy!

  1. I made the tassel one last year (after I found it with my diploma cover just collecting dust). 🙂
    I’m making one with sand & shells from our favorite beach, too.


  2. Wonderful ideas, Denise! When these particularly useful-to-crafters items show up in the stores, it is definitely time to buy! My daughter made me some of those handprint snowmen ornaments a few years back and they are fun to hang on the tree each year.

    And I have seen lovely glass ornaments filled with little pine cones (actually hemlock cones; pine cones do not come that small!) and faux snow. I’ve made loads of these, and hope this is the link to my post about them on my Christmas blog: glass ornaments filled with pine cones and snow


  3. Okay, that link didn’t work. (Blogger has been messing with my links lately.) But if anyone is interested, they can go to my Christmas blog at, and type “lovely ornaments to craft” into the search bar, my post about them should come right up. Or, click “ornaments” in the label cloud, and I believe this post is about the third page in. Sorry for the confusion with the link.


  4. So true Denise. In fact I need to get two of the large glass ornaments as I make special Christmas ornaments for my grands. I broke Kendall’s last year as I was dismantling the tree so I need to do a new one for her as well as one for Baby Audrey. I almost purchased some new Christmas decor the other day because it was 40% off and I knew it would disappear before too long.

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