The One Thing We All Need

I shared yesterday that I was recently in California for a Ladies’ retreat.  It was a great blessing! My husband traveled with me, and I was soooo happy to have him at my side!  We had a sweet time away.  We left on Wednesday and returned home Sunday night.

Let me share a few pictures, then a truth the Lord laid on my heart during my time away.

This was a funny display at the Los Angeles Airport. After my lost luggage adventure last spring, I found this hilarious!
We got to walk through Old Sacramento. Lovely city, and yes, we had a cup of that Heavenly Brew!
Wolf Mt. campsite – such a joy to see God’s blessing in giving these folks this property to use for Him.
Westward ho! Time for a group picture. What sweet ladies!
More of the retreat attendees.  Only a few days were spent with these ladies, yet my heart was knit with theirs!
Saying goodbye and giving encouragement for the days ahead!
Saying goodbye and giving encouragement for the days ahead!
This dear lady received Christ as her Savior last weekend! Here we are, hands clasped. Sisters in Christ!
This dear lady that I’m talking to received Christ as her Savior last weekend! Here we are, hands clasped. Sisters in Christ!
We got to see Lake Tahoe before heading home! It was beautiful!
We got to drive to Lake Tahoe before heading home! It was beautiful!
He’s asking, “I wonder what’s on the others side of that mountain?” That’s always his question! He’s quite an adventurer!  He drove us all over and never got turned around or lost.  He’s amazing and far more dependable than a GPS!

The striking thought during our whole trip was “common ground.”  Everyone in every part of the country or the world needs the Gospel –

For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;  and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: I Corinthians 15:3,4

After receiving the Gospel for our salvation, we all need God’s Word to direct our every step.  Times spent at a retreat are for sharing the Truth from the Bible in relevant, practical ways.  Who needs help for life?  Who needs answers for the tough times we face?  Who longs for encouragement that it will be worth it all One Day? Sum it all up to ask:  Who needs hope? ALL OF US!  It’s a common need, a common thread a common ground.

It’s not just people at a retreat that need hope – it’s every single person we meet.  We were made aware of the desperate need when we talked to:

  1. A shop owner
  2. A bakery employee
  3. An athletic trainer
  4. A businessman
  5. A fellow-traveler
  6. A young woman

Some understood their need for hope that only the Lord can bring and theyare searching for the Truth.  Others rejected it bluntly and proudly.  We will pray for their eyes to be opened.

Are you filled with hope because you know the Lord as your Savior?  Or are your days filled with despair because your only hope is what you can conjure up on your own?  This Gospel Video will tell you how you can have a relationship with God now and for all eternity.

If you have the common ground of knowing Christ, with whom are you sharing the hope of the Gospel?  Don’t keep it to yourself; a whole world out there is desperate for the hope you possess!  Share the Gospel with someone today!

When was the last time you shared the Gospel? How was it received?


5 thoughts on “The One Thing We All Need

  1. What a fun trip!! Loved the suitcase statue!!lol…I wondered what happened to all the lost luggage that does not end up here in Alabama at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro. I have not visited that store in years but there are always bargains to be had!!


      1. Yes Denise…they have all sorts of things at a good price….cameras are in abundance and that always makes me sad because I love my camera and would hate to lose it. Designer clothes….etc. Now I want to make a trip to Scottsboro!!


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