How To Make it To Your 70th Anniversary

70th cake

We had the unique and blessed privilege as a church to honor a dear couple on their 70th anniversary!  Yesterday, October 27th was Rod and Hope Carter’s 70th anniversary celebration.  On Sunday night we gathered as a church to recognize them and give them the honor due a couple who makes it to this milestone that is reached by a very small number of couples.

To live long enough to be married 70 years is remarkable, but living 70 years together is even more unusual!  In a day when commitment is as flippant as a teen age girl’s crush on the neighbor boy, it’s a blessing to witness two people who got married and were determined to keep their vows, “Til death do us part.” 70thI asked Hope the advice she’d give to young couples getting together today and her answer was,

“Well, there’s a lot of give and take you have to do. Learn that!  Oh, and get in a good church!  We learned so much there!  Where would we be without the Lord?!”

Here’s my interpretation of “Give and Take:”

Give love.  Take on Christ’s image.

Give forgiveness. Take the high road.

Give kindness.  Take humility.

Give service.  Take the back seat.

Give a soft answer.  Take biblical advice.

Give your time.  Take the treasured memories.

Are you willing to give and take in your marriage so that you can make it to 70 years? Get in a biblical church where you’ll learn to apply God’s Word to your marriage. Then you’ll also have an example to give, and the blessing to take from it!



6 thoughts on “How To Make it To Your 70th Anniversary

    1. This is really remarkable, isn’t it? Hope looked so pretty Sunday night – she’d gotten a new dress and looked so spiffed up. I’ll be 92 if we make it to our 70th – I hope I’ll remember where my pearls are! =)


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