Fifteen Hostess Gift Ideas


Hostess gift

During the month of December you’ll probably find yourself at someone else’s home for a gathering, a party, or a celebration of Christmas.  You know how much work goes into having others over, so be sure to be a gracious and appreciative guest and take a Hostess Gift for the one who has extended the invitation.  Not sure what to take?  Here are Fifteen ideas!

Hostess Gifts

  1. Hand soaps
  2. Kitchen Linens – Cloth napkins, dish towels, pot holders – Roll them up and tie with a beautiful ribbon
  3. Holiday paper napkins – Wrap a ribbon or raffia bow around the package
  4. Home-baked Goods in pretty container
  5. Fresh flowers, already arranged – You can buy them at the grocery store, just put them in a container before you take them to your hostess
  6. Scented candle
  7. Guest book
  8. Boxed chocolates
  9. Cookbook
  10. Kitchen papers – Menu list, organizer book, magnetic memo pad, recipe cards – Try bundling several of these items together and tying them with ribbon or packaging them in a gift bag.
  11. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate mix
  12. Cutting board and cheese knife
  13. Unique salt and pepper shakers
  14. Bread from a bakery
  15. Olive oil – It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive bottle, but even a small, nice oil for cooking would be perfect!

I gave some suggestions about the presentation, but use your imagination.  Make it pretty.  If you put it in a gift bag, add a couple poofs of tissue on the top.  Use pretty boxes found at the Dollar store to pop your gift into and make a simple thank you even more special.  It’s not about something that will “wow” your hostess, but a thoughtful gesture that expresses your thanks.

Be on the lookout for some of the items above that you can keep on hand so you’ll be prepared.  Grab these items on sale and stash them away for the next time you are invited over to someone’s home!  Your hostess will feel loved and appreciated!

Stay refreshed and refresh others,


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