A Christmas Confession

baking dishes

First of all, this is not Denise posting. This is her husband, writing to the men today.

I have a confession to make—-I hate putting up the Christmas tree!!  Just keepin’ it real, folks!! 🙂  Seriously, over the years,  the rigors of getting the tree ready for this festive season has been an adventure to say the least.

In the first place, I think an artificial tree is sacrilegious.  As a boy, we always had a real tree, and when our girls were home, we honored the purist tradition of having a live tree.  In spite of my purist leanings, going after a tree, cutting it to fit in the tree stand and then getting it to stay upright always presented its own set of bah humbugs.

There was the time I forgot to keep it wrapped after purchasing it from the tree farm.  Getting it through the door was a winner!  Or the time it kept leaning toward the south, so along with the bailin’ twine I had nailed to the window, I decided the best thing to do was to make a taught string and anchor by nailing a sixteen penny nail through the carpet to the floor! That tree was not going anywhere!

How about the year that our lives were so busy we didn’t get a tree until a couple of days before Christmas.  I went to K-Mart at night and bought a beautiful, live blue spruce that stood elegantly in our living room.  After the season was completed, it found itself in the backyard brush pile to be burnt up come spring.  When that day came, it had not died–it was still a beautiful blue spruce . . . because it had been spray painted.  For all I know that tree was just a generic pine tree sprayed to be a blue spruce!

After purchasing and getting the tree upright, comes the fun part of adorning it with light, beads, and ornaments.  Those lights we bought last year?  Only half of them work.  The beads have to be swooped a certain way around the tree, and all the ornaments must be placed on the branches, as many of them tell a story!

I share these thoughts with you, especially men, to remind you that although we may not really be fond of the process of preparing for Christmas, it means much to our families.  Because of all the effort our wives go to, we need to set aside our feelings and pitch in at Christmastime.

Decorating the house is my wife’s expertise, but there are other things I can do to help relieve her so that the Christmas season is a blessing to all.  I’m writing to encourage you guys to help out.  How?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get the tree
  • Put it up
  • Help with decorating the tree by making it a family time
  • Get the boxes down from the attic
  • Go to the store and purchase some of the gifts (your wife can instruct you) or pick up things she may need for her baking
  • Help wash dishes as she bakes the cookies (you like to eat them, don’t you?)
  • Help address and write cards, as well as thank you cards.

There are some confessions you probably could make about your dislike for parts of Christmas preparation, but just as Christ came not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45; Philippians 2:6-8), let’s serve our family and our wife by laying aside our grumps and “bah humbugs,” and make Christmas what it really is—a time of great joy to all people!!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor C.


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Confession

  1. I loved hearing about Christmas from a man’s perspective. The season is a lot of work and for everyone and I know I appreciate any help that comes my way during this busy time. Your list of ways to help out was spot on 🙂


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