Open Eyes, Open Doors

Biltmore door.jpgIsn’t it easy especially at Christmas to be focused on self? We can easily be consumed with all that we still need to do – buy, wrap, bake, write, attend, host and clean, that we become task oriented instead of people oriented. The whole reason for Christmas – that Christ came to give His life a ransom for the world, bespeaks the fact that we, too, are to focus on PEOPLE.

The line of people ahead of us at the grocery store are delays while we wait, instead of opportunities to give the Gospel. The cashier is the end of our wait, instead of a person who needs the Good News that we have to share.

Our focus can even be turned so much to the small circle around us that we don’t see the opportunities that are at our fingertips. Aside from the public strangers we meet, we may also know others who may be especially tender and open to the Gospel right now. Who are they?

  1. Those that are hurting due to a loved ones’ death in the past year are even more desperate during the holidays.
  2. Those that are sick, or waiting on a sick loved one at the hospital, are even more lonely or anxious.
  3. Those that are financially hurting really feel the crunch now, when not only are they trying to make ends meet, but they’re also trying to come up with a little extra to purchase gifts for their families.
  4. See the need – a meal, a monetary gift, a gift purchased and do it.

Do you know anyone in any of those three categories?  I’m sure we all do. How about praying about what you could do to serve and minister to them this next week? What to do?

  • Send a card – not a generic Christmas card, but one that is especially suited to their need.
  • Call them or go to their home and have prayer with them.
  • Take a gift that would comfort them.
    • Did they lose a loved one? Do you have a picture of that loved one you could enlarge and frame?
    • Give an ornament that would be a keepsake of that person so they could hang it on their tree every year in memory of their loved one.
    • If you know someone who’s lost a baby, an ornament for that little one is an earthly reminder that they exist.
  • Spend time visiting with them. Read Scripture to them.
  • Give them the Gospel – the Hope of the Christmas!

I’m asking the Lord to open my eyes, not to my “To-Do list,” but to the people around me so that I might use this wonderful season to minister to their needs – the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you join me in praying for open eyes and open doors?



7 thoughts on “Open Eyes, Open Doors

  1. A wonderful post, Denise! Thank you so much for these inspiring and challenging thoughts. Things are not always what they appear in people’s lives; so often there is a lot of hurt just below the surface. How we need to be pointing them to the God of all comfort!


  2. I LOVE your heart for the Lord & others…thank you for your ministry & example. Do you have any suggestions for how to minister to the cashiers or people in lines when we have just a brief interaction? I would love your thoughts. Have a beautiful day 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jenny. I make sure to have Christmas tracts in my purse, ready to hand to the people, with a heartfelt Christmas greeting. I have tried to slow down the whole checking out process and not feel so rushed in my comments to the cashier. I think they appreciate someone caring enough to give them more than a “Have a nice day” greeting. I don’t mean monopolizing their time, but being sincere.
      If you wanted to even bump it up a notch, you could have a wrapped treat, a small box of Whitman Samplers, for instance to give as a small gift. Even a candy bar would be a gracious gesture. I’m thinking I’m going to try this! I believe it will really open some doors!


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