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The Best Thing To Do With Worries

I have a luggage tag attached to my overnight bag. It’s so pretty. It’s a gift from a friend and makes me smile at the remembrance of her thoughtfulness, but I don’t like the tag. Why? It’s convicting. Yes, this is what I read every time I look down at it…


Worry. Are you ever guilty? I sure am.

What will this year hold?

What will happen in the upcoming election?

Will there be a financial, health or personal crisis with which I’ll have to face?

On and on the worries go. They march ahead of me like angry Hobby Lobby shoppers on the day after Christmas. As powerless as I am at Hobby Lobby, I am even less powerful at the feet of these worries.

Matthew 6 reminds us to “Take no thought of the morrow, for the morrow will take thought of the things of itself.” No thought. It’s not my business to think about all the things that might, would, or could happen. I don’t have to think about it because God is already there. He is eternal and He is omniscient.  Therefore, He is already there. He is omnipotent, therefore He is able to care for whatever the needs will be. No need for any thought on my part, but plenty God’s end. He has my steps mapped out.
So instead of worrying, I must pray.

That is all.

Pray for the one who wearies my heart. Pray for the scare in my soul. Pray for the unknown, the known, the best, the worst. Prayers are to be my only thoughts about these matters.

That pretty little luggage tag reminds me that just like a trip I may take, my life is a journey of trusting my God, one leg of the adventure at a time. Trusting God really is an adventure – one that is mapped out by my Creator. I’ll get to the correct place if I will just take my cares to Him.

What is causing you to fret today? Let me share some advice I really do like…

Stop worrying. Start praying.

With love,

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing To Do With Worries

  1. Great words of wisdom as we begin the new year. I struggle so much with worry sometimes. I need to remember these words daily…sometimes hourly.


    1. Isn’t it a wonderful blessing to know that anytime we come to God’s Throne with our burdens, He hears us and is delighted that we’ve chosen to come to Him?! Proverbs 16:8b The prayer of the upright is his delight.


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