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2016 – Pray, Plan, Change


On Tuesday of this week I suggested time for a spiritual check-up before the new year rolls in.  If you happened to come in at the feverish end of the thermometer, don’t feel guilty, but feel hopeful!  Why?  Because a new year, clean and fresh lies in front of you with  grace and mercies to equip you to get healthy!

Can I give you a “prescription” or two that might aid your journey?

  • Pray – Ask the Lord to show you where you need to change in your spiritual life.  Be still after you ask.  Listen to the Spirit’s tugging in your heart.
  • Plan – Now you’re ready to take what the Lord has shown you and set set some goals so you’ll know when you’ve arrived at the desired place.
  • Change – Avoid getting into a dry, stale routine that will cause you to weary quickly.
    • Choose a different Bible reading plan.
    • You might even want to find a new place to sit and read and pray.
    • Start a fresh, new journal for your new plan!
    • Use a different color pen for this year’s prayer requests, so you’ll know that they were added to your prayer journal in 2016.
    •  Don’t have a journal?  Well, that might be another goal to set!

I implemented a Bible reading plan in December that is called Four Streams.  I found it on my You Version app.  I am enjoying it so much!  The four streams are the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.  With this plan in one year I will:

  • Read through the New Testament 4 times
  • Read through the Old Testament once
  • Read the Proverbs 4 times
  • Read the Psalms twice

Another little tweak I’m adding is that rather than reading,  I’m listening to the audio version.  With my pen in hand and my notebook open, I listen and take notes as the Lord speaks to my heart.  This has been a really special addition to my devotional time!

Strive this year to make the Word the central focus of your life.  Reading regularly each day will enable you to do just that.  The entrance of His Word gives light; allow His light to shine in 2016.

How are you planning to be in God’s Word this next year?  I’d love to hear your plans!



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