An Easy Remedy For Dusty Lampshades


Okay, so today’s post isn’t going to wow you, maybe, but it just might simplify your life!  Isn’t that one reason we read blogs and search the Internet?!  Maybe you’re figuring out tough things and reading the political reports, but I’m always on the search for helpful tips!

Recently I was sitting beside the floor lamp in my bedroom. and saw fluffy lint hanging on it.  Seriously?  I thought I’d vacuumed that just recently!  I didn’t feel like pulling the  vacuum out and attaching the upholstery cleaner on it at the time, so I just brushed it off for the time being.

Then last week when I was visiting my mom, I saw her pull out a lint roller and give her lampshades a swish.  Lint and dust particles were gone in a few easy strokes!  I came home and did the same magic on my lampshades and you know what?  It works better than the vacuum!


You don’t realize how dusty the shades are until you take a look at the roller!  But the good thing is, now it’s a cinch to keep them from getting to the nasty stage!

Moms are great for little tips, aren’t they?  Thanks for sharing that one with me, Mom.  I knew as soon as you showed it to me that I’d have to share it so my readers could refresh their lamps, too! It’s all about the little things, folks!

Do you have exciting things planned for the weekend?  We’re hosting our missionaries to Brazil in our home this weekend, having a church Valentine dinner at a Mexican restaurant Saturday night, and are looking forward to a special time in church all day Sunday!  Monday will be our own Valentine celebration – more about that later!  What are your plans for the weekend?  

Stay refreshed,


4 thoughts on “An Easy Remedy For Dusty Lampshades

  1. A lint roller is going on my shopping list, Denise! I have tried different ways of dusting lampshades, but this one sounds like the best tip I’ve heard. Thanks for sharing!


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