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What To Do With Disappointments

After being apart for several days, and knowing that Valentine’s Day was to fall on Sunday, my husband and I decided that we would wait to celebrate the holiday on Monday. On Sunday we focused at church on God’s love for us and it was a wonderful time of worship!

For our Monday celebration we had made plans to go to a nearby lake cottage and enjoy the respite of no cell or Internet service, the beauty of the lake and mountains and just the company of one another.


Then the snow came.

The result?

No cabin get-away.

That equals disappointment.

As I thought about that and the change in our plans, I asked the Lord a question that has come to my mind with other (larger) let-downs –

What are we to do with our disappointments?

We all have them, and though they vary from a small disappointments, like a change of plans, to the huge  devastations, they need to be addressed, rather than buried.  Tremendous disappointments such as the complete change in life’s plans, the betrayal in marriage due to infidelity, or the breach of a long-time friendship, all have to be dealt with in the very same way we would treat a small disappointment.

How is that?

With the understanding of a Sovereign God.  His sovereignty is protective.  The snow comes and changes our plans and we say,

“God knew this.  Perhaps there is something that we would miss if we left home right now, or maybe the best time to go is later on.”

 We trust.

Then too, in the humongous blows that come, we must run to our God who knows what is happening and we must trust that He allowed even this for His glory and our good.

Can a relationship fracture be good?  If it pushes us to be more dependent on our great God, it will. Perhaps it will remind us that our expectations must only be on God – not on people.  Of course great disappointments hurt our heart, but we have a God who is “The God of all comfort.”  We can draw closer to the Lord in those times of pain than we would during times of ease as we let Him comfort our hearts.

I’m sure that in time even this little snowy disappointment will be understood as a blessing from the hand of my Sovereign God Who does all things well.  I can’t wait to see what God will do!  It’s another chance to watch Him work in my life – even in the little things!

Take your disappointments – small and large – to Him Who knows best.



7 thoughts on “What To Do With Disappointments

      1. Such an excellent post, Denise! My hubby and I enjoy the occasional getaway as well — so necessary. But due to eldercare and big responsibilities at church, not to mention the busyness of his work right now … well, we’ve had to face the fact it’ll probably be another couple of months before we can get away. We just say, “The Lord knows.” And yes, this mindset is crucial to dealing with life’s huge disappointments as well. I read somewhere that when we are bitter about circumstances the Lord has allowed in our lives, we are failing to see His sovereign hand in our lives. Absolutely true. Thank you for sharing this!


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