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Letting God’s Word Dwell in You Richly

A young friend of mine, Christa Threlfall, is the author of a great blog, Brown Sugar Toast where she writes about adding sweetness to the mundane,  what she is learning about the Lord, about being a Christian wife and mom, and about how to live to the glory of God.

Christa longs in her own heart to be a student of God’s Word – that’s evident when you read any of her posts or her profile.  Her life has been Word-filled, but she’s still hungry to do it better and to know how to dig deeper, especially in the hard days of mommy life and ministry.

Recently she interviewed fourteen different women to get some detailed answers about their personal study, memorization and meditation of God’s Word. She sent a list of twelve questions and asked the interviewers to choose 5-7 to answer.  I’ve been blessed reading the first two interviews!  The series, called, Dwelling Richly, is posted weekly.

Dwelling Richly Series

I was honored to be interviewed by Christa for her series.  The good questions made me sit still and really think through how God has used His Word in my life.  How thankful I am for His Word, and how desperate I am for it every single day!  You can go here to read my answers  to her questions.

I hope you’ll keep going back each Wednesday to read the next interview.  We all should have a hungry heart to learn from others and be better students of God’s precious Word so that His Word will Dwell in us Richly!



6 thoughts on “Letting God’s Word Dwell in You Richly

  1. I was just scrolling through FB and saw the interview on Brown Sugar Toast and thought, “I think Amy Bell’s pastor’s wife is named Denise Cunningham!” We LOVE the Bells, and met Alli and her husband at the Wilds Youth Worker’s Conference and spent a good deal of time with them and loved them!!…so by default… I automatically like you!! 😉


    1. Your comment made me smile! You mentioned people I love dearly – so the feeling (liking) is mutual! =) Alli talked about meeting you last summer and what a blessing you both were. Thanks for investing in them during that week! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I subscribe to Brown Sugar Toast via email and so enjoyed reading your answers to Christa’s questions. This series she’s doing is excellent and so encouraging. I am in awe of how anyone can even maintain a blog with so many little children to tend to. She does it well.


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