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Don’t Swallow a Lie

I feel like I’m just not doing a good enough job.

I don’t feel like I know how to effectively minister to people.

Those words (and others like it) poured from my mouth yesterday.  I began preparing lunch while mulling over my  feelings.  Disgusted with myself, discouraged, and feeling like I should just go crawl back to bed, I stood at the counter and prepared veggie quesadillas for my husband and me.  The assembly had been done; now was the mindless task of grilling them on the stove.  My mind wandered back to my words, and the Spirit of God rebuked me, using His Word.  The verse He used was Philippians 4:8 – perhaps you have wisely memorized it:


If I feel something, does that make it true?  No.  So I had to remind myself of what I knew to be true.

  1. God works in me to will and do His good pleasure.  If He’s doing the work, then it’s good.  Period.  
  2. When I give someone the Word, it is always profitable – even if my own words are not.

I let it go.  I knew better than to hang onto my feelings, but here I was doing just that.  I had to shake my head at myself – just hours before I had given that very advice to someone else.  Now here I was having to tell myself the same thing!

If you’re using words today like,

  • “It seems like…”
  • “It appears…”
  • “I think…”
  • “I feel like…”
  • “She looks like she…”

Stop.  Run to Philippians 4:8 and tell yourself only the Truth rather than believing the lies the devil is feeding you!

I have to say, lunch was a whole lot sweeter without the bitterness of those lies in my heart!

Believe the truth, friend!

With love,

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