Unanswered Prayers

This is a video of my backyard.  This giant hole was made last spring in the hopes of creating an extension of our patio, as well as a  fire pit area.  The pallets you see are full of brick.  The patio was to be made from it – all 7,000 of them!  We had hopes that it would be completed for us to enjoy during the summer of 2015, but that obviously did not happen.

Busy schedules kept my husband from giving it his attention.  Then once his focus turned back to it, we learned that there was LOTS more to consider than just putting brick down. There was the careful placement of the bricks in my circular design (it requires trigonometry to configure!).  There was the drainage issue to think about.  There was the need for a firm border…all of which we knew nothing about!  It was suddenly quite obvious that a professional was needed for this job!  When we called in the pros, our meager Landscaping budget would not allow us to hire them.

So it sat…all summer…all fall…all winter.

When I stepped out onto the backyard during yesterday’s lovely winter reprieve, I saw it all just as it was left – barren and so quiet that my ears rang in the stillness.  In my mind’s eye I can’t tell you how often I saw busy workers out there laying bricks, bushes and trees being planted into the ground by men in hard hats and gloved hands.  Then when it was finished we’d stand in awe.  We’d light the first fire in the fire pit and call for a celebration of sorts because the work was done!

This “hole in my backyard” has served as such a visual to me in this last year.  It reminds me of the prayers that I’ve offered to the Lord in expectancy and longing.  I’ve given Him my blueprints and plans and then watched with a hopeful eye in the direction of those requests.  Instead of answers there is stillness.  Instead of evidence of work being done, it sits unanswered and untended, just like my backyard.

But that is where my analogy ends, because all the time I’m waiting, God is at work.  He is watching over.  He is drawing.  He is calling.  He has the provision necessary and will apply it in His time – the perfect time.  The answer will come, and I cannot doubt.  I must sit still and rest – rather than pace in anxiety.

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Phil 4:6,7

Don’t doubt that God is at work on behalf of your prayers, too!  We cannot see, so we apply faith and trust Him.  It will be better than we can imagine when God answers in His way and with His plan!

Do you ever grow weary while waiting for God to answer?  What has God said or done that has encouraged you?

I’ll keep you updated with our backyard project.  We have even made this a matter of prayer – for provision, for His timing to complete it – and for His glory.  

With love,

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