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Add the Ingredient of Fun to Supper!

Laughter is good medicine, and I’m afraid sometimes we don’t take our prescribed dosage!  As we end the week dealing with the suppertime meal at home, I wanted to share some ideas to add fun to your dinner hour!

  • Take all the leftovers and warm them up and set them out on the counter.  Tell everyone it’s buffet night.  Let the little ones fill their own plate like they would at a restaurant.  This is good training for not taking more than they will eat!  It also gets rid of allows everyone to eat the leftovers!
  • Make up a realistic menu with the leftovers listed.  You be the waitress or let your husband be the waiter, and take everyone’s orders!
  • Eat dessert first followed by the main dish, then salad!
  • Do a themed night and let everyone dress the part.  Italian, Mexican, etc.
  • Use a board game and its pieces for your centerpiece.  Play the game when supper is finished.
  • Make food that everyone can do their own version – mini pizzas, tacos or taco salad, or salad bar.
  • Eat supper in warm weather on a blanket in the backyard.  Don’t be a fuddy-duddy!  Even if your children are big or gone, enjoy a picnic night!
  • Eat breakfast for supper.  Waffles or pancakes and bacon.  Fresh fruit or other special toppings for dessert waffles would be fun, too!
  • Teach manners using fun reminders – like if you forget to put your napkin in your lap before you take a bite, you have to stand and sing Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Add your own ideas and make suppertime an event that no one wants to miss – either for the fun they’ll miss, the yummy food you’ll prepare, or the great fellowship they would have bypassed.

Keep suppertime refreshing,

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