Because you’re married to a pastor does not mean that life/marriage is a breeze.  We deal with tough things – just like every other couple.  We have disagreements, have need for apologies, and confession of wrongs.  Harsh words can be spoken, and hurts are suffered.  But because we’re believers and Christ is the center of our home, there is remedy for all that!  Then when those issues are cleared up, blessings can follow!


I don’t think I share enough about the blessing I have in my husband.  This is for God’s glory, because my husband is God’s gift to me.  It’s certainly one I don’t deserve, but am so very thankful for! We shouldn’t wait for a special holiday, their birthday or their death to let others know what people mean to us.  So, will you oblige me?

I am blessed with a husband who:

  • loves God with all his heart.
  • loves me!
  • loves his daughters and sons-in-law
  • learned to love my cats!
  • is one of the most giving people I know!
  • is affectionate.
  • loves to have a good time.
  • loves people.
  • has a shepherd’s heart
  • has a passion for souls.
  • loves to shop!
  • has great taste!
  • loves to surprise me!
  • knows God’s Word and teaches it with passion both publicly and privately.
  • prays for me.
  • does the dishes!
  • vacuums every week.
  • takes off his shoes to keep from tracking in dirt inside.
  • encourages me to follow God through any open doors the Lord gives
  • is willing to say, “forgive me; I was wrong.”
  • reads my blog every day, and so I say – Dale, I thank God for you and I love you so very much!  You are one of my greatest blessings!

God is gracious to give us all what we do not deserve (beginning with salvation).  I am so grateful for the gift of marriage, and pray that the way I love and respond to my husband will be a picture of the Gospel to a lost world who is watching.

Have you told your husband how much you appreciate him and why?  He needs to hear it!  Today might be a great time to do just that!

Refresh your marriage,

3 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Sweetheart, I love you, and thank the Lord for the grace gift of you and marriage. Wow! I’m the one that’s blessed! Let’s keep enjoying the journey together… for another 35 years!

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  2. This is beautiful!! I am blessed with a similar man! I do kind of have to chuckle that people think a Pastor’s home is perfect! We have NEVER tried to portray that, but people just assume it must be, just because he is a Pastor! Thanks for the reminder to show him how much I love him!!!


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