A Sparkly Change

I recently read an article about making your standard lighting over your table a little more sparkly and Shabby Chic by adding prisms to it.  Soooo, I went on the hunt for glass prisms and I thought I’d need to string them together and then drape from my light.

Then a couple weeks ago while at Hobby Lobby (woo hoo!), I found these little gems…

They are magnetic!  Yes, they hold in place when you simply attach them to the chandelier!  Look at the special touch it added to my light!


I also added one to my outside planter that I created to make it look like a water droplet.  Ready?


You could add these to a tabletop lamp, a metal bowl, or a host of other places! This is the perfect, easy and inexpensive solution to add sparkle to anything that’s metal!  Isn’t that clever?!  These were about $8 for 3, but you can use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby!  What a great find!!!  In case you can’t find them at a store near you, they are also on Amazon here.

Have a great weekend.  I have some fun planned for tomorrow.  I’ll share pictures next week, so stay tuned!

Stay refreshed,

7 thoughts on “A Sparkly Change

  1. Denise, I love the sparkly gems! I have a chandelier similiar to yours & a Hobby Lobby close by – I’m excited to see if I can find some too. Thanks for the great idea. Enjoy your fun tomorrow 🙂


  2. Your blog has been a real blessing to me!! I just want to say thanks for all the time effort and love that goes into this!! It ministers to many and I truly feel like I’m the recipient of a Titus 2woman! Thank you!

    I’ve tried to reply in the blog itself several times but I don’t think my replies are going through..probably don’t have the right app or something? Anyway I hope you get this and keep on letting His love spill out of you! It makes a difference!

    Love, Christy Galkin Sent from my iPhone



    1. Thank you so much, Christy. That encourages my ❤! Your family, ministry, and music have been a blessing to Me for years, so I’m happy I can encourage you in some way! I truly enjoy this ministry and I desire to make an impact for Christ using the simple things we women deal with every day.
      Thank you for reading and thank you for taking the time to comment. I did receive one other message from you, so you’re doing it right!


  3. Very pretty! I saw a garden ornament “faucet” with a sparkly water drop like this and was wondering how hard it would be to make a DIY version. With this the water drop part is solved. Thanks for sharing.

    And like Christy above, I have also tried to comment many times recently and my comments would not publish even though it said they were doing so. (I’ve commented successfully many times in the past, however; the problem has been in recent weeks.) I did just manage to leave a comment on an older post a few minutes ago, so I’m trying again here.

    And yes, thank you for this blog and the effort it takes to post every weekday. It does indeed minister to many. I have so little time for blogging these days …. eldercare is a difficult season of life along with many other responsibilities on my plate. Your blog is indeed a refreshment!


    1. I’m sorry there have been issues regarding commenting; that’s not good! I’ll see if I can get some answers about that! Thanks for persevering! =) I’m glad this simple tool can refresh you during this difficult season. You are to be commended for taking care of your parents. It’s a hard job, but one that is connected to a blessing! Prayed for you just now!


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