Some Favorite Vacation Photos

I took LOTS of pictures during our recent vacation.  But I thought I share a small snippet with you today – some of my favorite shots and remembrances from our days at the beach. From top row to the right I’ll give a brief description.


  1. Sitting at the lazy river area with an iced coffee we make in our room, my Bible, and notebook was a daily routine.  This was refreshment in many forms!
  2. The path down to the beach is beautiful to me.  The sea oats, grasses and sands are a garden of their own beauty.  With a backdrop of he ocean it’s like the curtain on a platform!
  3. Every morning except one we got up to see the sunrise and walk the beach.  Our girls think we’re crazy for not sleeping in on vacation, but we just can’t resist getting up to see the glory of the sunrise that God paints every day!
  4. We tried a new restaurant near the place where we stay.  They have rooftop seating that offers views of the ocean.  We tried their crab dip upon the recommendation of our waitress.  We were not disappointed!!
  5. Another spectacular sunrise!
  6. We had two rainstorms that came late in the afternoon, then cleared off, allowing us the opportunity to walk the beach afterwards.  This was the sunset after the storm.  What a sweet reminder of what God does for us after a trial!
  7. This is probably my favorite sunrise picture.  The whole sky was ablaze with color.
  8. This house is in an area of adorable homes.  They’re close together, but their colors make me think of Charleston’s downtown.
  9. We rarely ever eat breakfast out, and if we do, it’s NEVER on a Sunday.  However, last week, we got up at 6, walked/ran the beach, then shortly thereafter we headed to get breakfast before we got ready to go to church.  What a fun treat!

I have so many special memoies of this vacation.  How blessed we were to have this time together to strengthen our relationship with one another and the Lord, and to rest up so we’ll be ready for summer ministry that awaits.  We all need rest!  I hope you’ll have some time this summer to get away!

What is your favorit place for vacation?  The beach, mountains, historic sites?  I’d love to hear!

With love

4 thoughts on “Some Favorite Vacation Photos

  1. Such beautiful pics! I’m so glad you had such a nice time. May I ask what beach you were at? Our vacation is usually in a small town in Illinois because that’s where all my husband’s family lives ( we live in VA). I would love to go to the beach though 🙂


    1. Hi Jenny, we go to North Myrtle in the Cherry Grove area. It’s much quieter than the main or southern parts of Myrtle. We also love going in early May when it’s less crowded. Hope you get some beach time!


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