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Give It Away


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To a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ a Bible is a really precious Book, and your own personal Bible becomes a treasure as you read, study, underline, mark, highlight and make notes.  You know just where your favorite verses are.  You even know which side of the page it’s on! The worn, jagged pages welcome you, like an old friend, each time you sit down and open  its cover.

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In 2015 my husband presented me with a new Bible for Valentine’s Day.  How sweet!  I knew I needed it.  My current Bible was literally falling apart, but I had put off getting a new one because I hated the thought of parting with what had become my dearest earthly possession.  Now, here laid its replacement, all stiff and unmarked with pages sticking together like staticky socks on knit pants.

Reluctant, but appreciative, I began using the new copy of God’s Word.  It wasn’t long until I realized that I had become dependent on my old Bible.  Because I was so familiar with it, I didn’t need to really know chapter and verse.  I could locate it because of its highlighted color or placement on the page.  I had become a bit of a lazy studier.  Now with a new Bible, I was forced to search and dig – which of course was a really good thing!

It was then that I realized that I must not get into the lazy habit again.  Now instead of holding onto my Bible until it was falling apart, I decided to use it for a couple of years, and then give it away.  I would offer it to my daughters, or a young believer.  Perhaps they could learn from my notes and be encouraged with a relatively new copy of the Scriptures.

At a ladies’ retreat this spring, I encouraged the ladies to share their Bibles with others.  Were you at the retreat?  Did you feel the Lord encouraging you to give your copy of God’s Word to someone?  Have you obeyed?

Yesterday I took my own counsel and gave away my Bible Valentine’s present to my older daughter.  It’s only a year and half old, but it’s time to mark up another one.  Time to dig again – so that I might grow spiritually.

Don’t hoard God’s Word or become lazy as you read it.  Share your copy of God’s Word with someone else so you can be a blessing to them, and also challenge yourself in your study of this Treasure!

To whom have you given your Bible?  Have you been a recipient of one?  What did it mean to you?


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2 thoughts on “Give It Away

  1. My mother gave me hers the night she got home from the retreat! It’s been such a joy going through it and reading her study notes.. and I know a lot of them were copied from my Papaw’s Bible-making it even more special! Seeing how she’s prayed for me through the years in the notes is so encouraging, too!
    Thankful for my mom, her Bible, and your genuine love for us ladies.
    Such a wonderful idea!


    1. I am sure it gave her as much joy to share it as it does you to have it. Soooo, who will you be sharing a Bible with down the road? 😉 Love you, Leah!


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