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Paper Napkin Fold/Arrangement

If you’re having a crowd for dinner and serving buffet style, here’s  a fun way to display paper napkins rather than stacking them in a pile!

paper napkin arrangement 1


Here’s a video tutorial:


I love to make even a simple meal pretty with small embellishments like this.  I love using my cloth napkins, but at an event that you want to make it a little more casual and use paper napkins, it can still be pretty!

paper napkin arrangement

These slipped out of the tea pots very easily.  I had the silverware in Ball mason jars -a tall  one for knives, then smaller ones for the forks and spoons.  I always place the silverware at the end of the buffet so guests don’t have to hold it while filling their plates.

That’s it for me!  Hope you have a great weekend!  We have a really, really special weekend ahead!  I’ll tell you all about it next week!

Stay refreshed,

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