Little Gestures Make for Many Years of Marriage


There is always a reason to celebrate marriage, but I’ve had 35 reasons to celebrate my marriage this month, seeing that we celebrated our 35th anniversary on the 20th!

How does a person get to their 15th or their 25th or their 50th? It’s by making your marriage each and every day.

So here are the little things I did this month to show my husband that he matters; that our marriage matters.

While traveling through Kentucky alone recently, I stopped at a Cracker Barrel for a break and saw these rocking chairs. We own black ones just like them, but I had to send a picture to my husband just to say,

“I know you’d love these blue KY rockers!” But it was also a reminder that I was thinking about him, what he loves and what matters in his world. It’s easy to get too busy or too cumbered about with all our other cares to stop and let a smile creep across our face because we know our husband would laugh at that scene we’re watching, or would enjoy the treat we were just served… or would love that team rocking chair!


Every month when I repost these entries I almost laugh at how small each gesture was, but that’s really the whole point!  It’s the little things that make the big difference!  This bag of peanute clusters were purchased when I ran into Walgreens for some other item.  When  walked past them, I thought of Dale – a lover of all things that include any kind of nut = peanuts, almonds, pecans – it doesn’t matter.  Cover it with chocolate and it’s even better!  I purchased these, wrote the little note on the bag and hid it in his desk drawer while he was away.  Why?  Because I think he’s nice! He’s real nice!  (Any Andy Griffith fans out there remember that episode?)


This picture was posted on the day of our anniversary – a reminder that it’s the fun times + the hard times that make up 35 years marriage.  Each day is a treasure to be enjoyed!


The phrase on the vase, “I love Us” is a phrase we’ve used for years.  Having a quote that is “yours” is a way to mke your relationship deeper and stronger.  It reminds you of where you’re headed and how you want to get there.

For us, the fact that “we love us” reminded us that whether we had our family close by, if children were home or gone, if ministry was hard or wonderful, if we had “us” we would be okay, with the Lord’s help!

I especially loved that when our girls threw our anniversary party on the 10th of this month, this phrase was the theme.  I pray that they will always see and know that that their parents love being together, living together, and staying together!  Why?  Because Marriage matters!

Do you and your spouse have a phrase that is “yours?”   I’d love to hear it!

With love,


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