A Look Through My Lens

My phone’s camera is with me nearly all the time.  If you had looked through my lens this week, this is some of what you would have seen:

This was at the fashion show in Jonesborough last weekend. I had so much fun participating!  I modeled the Spartina cluster Pearl necklance and the wristlet purse (love them both! Came home with neither…too pricey for me.  But it was fun wearing them for a little while!!).  I also modeled my dress with a cross-body bag and pendant necklace for a more casual look.  Fun times!
I spent a few days in KY with my parents this week.  This was a reading spot one afternoon.  So lovely and restful!
When you’re in the hammock and look up, this is the view.  This is a Trumpet Vine.  I am thinking that I need this over my arbor next year since the Japanese Beetles eat my roses for breakfast, lunch dinner, morning snack, afternoon munchies and midnight cravings! Grrr!

My dad has a hook up on the pergola with a rope attached so you can keep the hammock swinging.  Genius!

How good does that look?  This was lunch at my sister’s house.  Salmon Croquettes, potato salad, tomatoes and muffins.  It was as delicious as it was pretty!
We had a nice visit after lunch in her gorgeous living room!

Time with my parents is always special.  Their quiet natures and lovely home make for the perfect place to visit and rest.


Upon returning home, I found our cherry tomatoes red on the vine!  This is one of my favorite sights all summer long!
I’ve never really been a country girl, except for a few years in high school, but I’m learning that after the hay is cut in the field, they bring the cattle in to feed.  I love it when I look out my front door and see the cows strolling by!  This was my view just last night.  It just makes me smile!

That’s my week!  What was your favorite view here?

Have a lovely weekend celebrating our country’s birthday!

Stay refreshed,

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7 thoughts on “A Look Through My Lens

  1. ALL of the pictures are great, but I love the cherry tomatoes on the window sill — that just says “summer” to me. The trumpet vine is gorgeous, too. My parents used to have one of those. Thanks for sharing the look through your lens.


    1. Thank you! I love that picture, too. There’s just something “down-home” about it. That Trumpet Vine is full of blooms; it’s gorgeous! Thanks for commenting today!


  2. I love the cows! One of my favorite sights is cows on a hill – it reminds me of the verse that says He owns the cattle on a thousand hills! I also love seeing pictures of your parents – they look like such precious people!!! Also, would your sister share her luncheon menu recipes? Oh, and also specifics on her cute haircut 🙂 Have a blessed Independence Day.


    1. Aren’t those guys so cute?! You’re right – my parents are special people; I am blessed! Watch future posts for my sister’s lunch recipes! Maybe she’ll share about her pretty hair cut, too! Happy 4th to you, too!


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